From: Cassandra
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 3:49:05 AM
Subject: My numerous encounters

Every experience happened on weekends when most people were gone to be at home. It happened at the career training program school building in Los Angeles, California.

Shadow people are not friendly protective beings. They are not a good omen to see. There were things about that school that attracted shadow men and Nephilim. To begin, allow me to tell you a bit about the school.

Before it became a skills training school, it was supposedly a hotel. What they won't tell you, nor will they confirm either, is that before it was a hotel, it was a former insane asylum. If you were ever in the building or the dorm rooms, this realization becomes evident. All of the interior walls are white. There are observation windows on all of the rooms. There are thirteen floors that are used but the building houses more floors than that. On the thirteen floor at the stairwell, there is a gate that remains unlocked, but has a silent alarm that will go off if you open the gate. Behind the gate is more stairs leading up. There are two second floors, one is inaccessible but you know it's there because you can hear hollow sounds when you knock on the wall in the stairwell. There are three elevators, and on weekends if you watch them from the lobby, all at once with no influence, all three will go to the sixth floor and stay there until called. I witnessed this with a friend one weekend.

On the security cameras you can clearly see a moving shadow in the middle elevator. I bravely chose to investigate while my friend stayed back and watched the security cameras. I pushed the button to call any of the three elevators. The middle one containing the moving shadow decided to greet me. When the elevator opened, it appeared to be empty, but after stepping inside, I could feel all the emotions I wish I had never felt; despair, anger, emptiness, were just a few. It didn't matter where I moved in the elevator, I could feel the feeling following me.

I rode the elevator to the sixth floor and found an empty floor, no one that could be proven to be messing with the elevator button. When I called for an elevator to ride back down to the first-floor lobby, the same elevator arrived. As I rode it down, the same emotions occurred. After I left the elevator, it rode back to the sixth floor to join the other two empty elevators. My friend recounted that as I moved in the elevator, the shadow covered me and would move when I moved.

Before this occurrence, I had seen a shadow man in my dorm room the previous weekend. After this occurrence, I had had another encounter with a number of shadow men in the seventh-floor pool room that was closed off to everyone aside from security. Looking under the door of this room that was void of any human life, you could see a light go off then on and numerous shadows moving about the room. I had a group of four girls with me that also witnessed this occurrence with me. We could hear laughter and talking coming from the shadows.

Ghosts don't exist unless used by demons to manipulate. But demons are real, they are fallen angels and Nephilim. If you see a shadow man, stay away from it, don't try to interact with it. It is not there to protect you or be your friend. They are not of good intent. Practice caution if you ever encounter one. This is the conclusion of my story.

Of the shadow men I have seen and can identify by drawing, they were dark hooded figures that were much taller than any normal human height, possibly around nine feet tall, some even taller.