From: Nia
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: May 26, 2017 at 10:47 AM
Subject: Shadow People

Upon stumbling across a rather startling "shadow people" story on facebook that triggered my very own long forgotten encounter with such beings, I delved a little deeper into the matter and fond your website.

After reading the 'What Are Shadow People' section and a few stories I decided to post my own. It's not a particularly long story, as such, but here it goes:

I was maybe 16-17 at the time. It was an autumn day like any other, overcast with a slight chill in the air. I was taking my then dog for a walk, as I did every day, when instead of going out the usual route around the block I decided to take a different route for a change. An old abandoned railway track that I'd passed by countless times by had never once felt the desire to explore, until that day. It was odd really, think back on it, almost as though I were compelled to do so but thought nothing of at the time. The track is far off from the road and surrounded by empty fields and so I decided to let my dog off his lead, let him have a run round and such as he was accustomed to do.

I remember feeling increasingly more uneasy as we walked along this seemingly endless track, at the time believing that it was simply because it was an unfamiliar area. I kept a close eye on my dog, convinced that something was wrong but unable to pinpoint what when suddenly, as though appearing out of thin air, I spotted two tall dark figures in the distance walking along the track...towards me. I remember them clearly, though I couldn't make out any features, not even a hint of colour from a piece of clothing. This startled me above all else. Surely even in the dimly light afternoon I would be able to see at least SOMETHING, right? I also recall feeling a drastic sense of panic.

One was taller than the other, significantly so, appearing almost 7 feet tall while the other couldn't have been more than 5 and a half foot. Both wore long trench-like coats, the hoods up. That much I could tell, but even they were black, pitch black like the night.

Upon instinct, I unfroze and called my dog over to me, bending down for a few short seconds to re-attack his lead once he too unfroze, seeming almost as frightening as I was at the 'beings' descending increasingly closer to us. I looked back up after maybe 10 seconds and...gone. They were just. Gone. Like that.

I reluctantly walked on ahead for a minute or two once the confusion wore off, wondering if I'd simply maybe caught two people out in their dodgy dealings. I peered into every field, looking as far as I could see, around bushes, but could see nothing. No evidence that the two figures had ever been there. Needless to say, in my what had now turned into full blow hysteria, I turned sharply around and ran the hell home. My mother of course, seeing the state I was in, questioned me, and put it down to "seeing things", as mothers do. I however am convinced that the figures were in fact shadow people, and to this day refuse to believe otherwise. I know what I saw and felt the undeniable fear that I had.

Ever Since that day, I've felt as though I'm being watched, now and again. Mostly when I'm alone in the house, but sometimes even when I'm in public surrounded by hundreds of other people, beings not of this world watching me from the shadows. Waiting. For what, I may never know.