From: Nathan Nicholson
Subject: Black robed entity
Date: Friday, July 04, 2008 2:21:47 PM

My name is Nathan and I have been running into things for a long time and have never really talked about it until recently. I am 28 and have seen things since I was young; from children balled up in corners to a women lying on the ground in a white sleeping t-shirt.

I thought I was crazy and so did my psychologist but my mother finally told me that she had experiences as well. I have been concentrating on what the heck is going on and trying to research why.

I have a way of knowing what people are thinking and also can sense their feelings. Ironically, I am in sales and have done very well because of this rarity but again, it opens me up a lot of questions and I would like to find some people that have the same issue. I did not know if you knew of a group in Louisville, Kentucky or could possibly forward this on to someone? Basically, I have multiple things going on from being sensitive to others feelings and thoughts, to picking up people around them, to having dreams that come true a lot and major deja vu.

I also have a black robed shadow figure that was following me after my dad died in a car wreck. I knew he was dead through my dream and saw how it happened and I was there for him. The next morning my mom came up to the room and I told her I already knew.

The figure, ironically, I stood up to about 4 months ago because it freaks you out! My girlfriend also ran into it so now she does not think I am crazy but will not stay at my house unless I am here. When I stood up to it, I had a feeling that it knew me. It was black robed and you could not see through it. It was always either at the end of my bed or standing in the hallway. I have seen it mid room, shrink and move across the floor very quickly away. This time, my bed sheets got ripped off my bed and I jumped straight up to confront it. I asked it, who it was, and a face shot right into my mind. It was my fathers face. I see it from time to time because I told it that it could stay as long as crazy stuff does not happen. I did not know why this happens and how to help my father, seeing, I think, it is him; my gut tells me so.

So you see, I have a lot of stuff that happens to me without explanation and would like to figure out more about it and how I can control it. I have been trying and it has gotten better but I am not in total control; it happens when I least expect it. Could you pass this on to someone who may be able to give me some guidance?


Nathan Nicholson

Editor’s questions to the author:

Is there any reason your father would continue to hang around you? Might he feel guilt about not being there for you and that is why he remains nearby? I find that ripping the sheet off your bed a bit perplexing. He certainly wanted your attention but rather amazed that your dad would something so abruptly. Since you have confronted it, have the sightings dwindled down? It does seem as if your father and the robed being are somehow connected.

From: Nathan Nicholson
Subject: Re: Black robed entity
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2008 6:57:45 PM

Yes you can put me on there. I am sure others looking it up would like to speak to someone about the same situation. Ironically, he showed me his face after confronting it and since that time, I have not seen it. I almost miss the interaction. My brother and I had a talk one night and he said he has experiences as well but does not believe in spirits. He says he sees shadows out of the corner of his eyes but says the light is playing tricks on him so now I know it is not just me.

Also, when my dad died on the one year mark of his death, my mom (they were divorced) made a photo thing from his pictures with candles like an altar and grieved for him by herself. I was at work, my brother also but my sister was at home; I hear, "Do not mourn me!" in my head. My brother did as well and my sister at the house said, "It was so loud, it shook the house."

My mom ended up getting burned really bad from the candles blowing up in the room and the fire department was called, so there have been many instances where things have happened concerning my dad.

I saw my dad die in my head, I was actually there, although I was 1200 miles away.

The sheets were ripped off my bed in my previous apartment and ‘the guy’ would stand in the hallway near the bathroom or my closet. He was a shadow-robed figure and I had the feeling he was a burn victim as well, but in that case, it was another spirit altogether. The only one I knew was my dad, was in my new house. If you saw him, he would shrink to the floor and the mass would take off really quickly. My girlfriend actually walked into it physically in the kitchen and she said that the whole room went pitch dark and she could not see anything in front of her. From that point on, she will not stay the night unless I am around.

In my new house, I hear footsteps every night and the feeling of being watched by many people when outside. Come to find out there is a cemetery in my neighbor’s backyard. Yeah... no matter where I go, things happen; they seem to follow me. I also can sense things about people, like my friend, Michelle. Last week, I asked her if everything was alright and she said her father passed away. I immediately told her, "From lung cancer," and she acknowledged it. She said, "How did you know that?" But it just happens that way.

Also, my friend pop his knee cap out of socket and I thought he broke his leg so I grabbed his knee cap and just focused on it. He said, the pain stopped and he got up, it took him a while. When he hurt his knee cap, I thought he was pulling my leg but he was screaming so loud and sweating so bad from the pain that no one could fake it.

Weird things happen a lot and I mostly ignore it but when it gets bad I confront it or have to acknowledge it.

I have many true stories because I have seen these things since I was a kid, I had to see the psychologist when I was young because my family thought I was crazy. I listened to the spirits and the ones I listened to were bad and would mess with my head. I finally learned to control what I heard and how I could react to them; usually as a child yelling, "Go away!!" It never stopped them but ignoring them would slow them down, I think they loved me being scared.

Now that I am older, I am not scared. I told the bad figure to leave and walked through my whole house cleaning it. There is another spirit that I said 'could stay'. He only hangs out in the extra rooms where no one is at so I do not mind him being here. He does nothing to bother me although, occasionally, you see him in the window or something.

Well anyway, let me know if there is some group out there in Louisville Kentucky and I will definitely call them