From: Gordon
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 11:17:00 PM
Subject: Shadow people witness account

Hi please add this to the archives. Your site has been a huge help and influence. I may go into too much detail as I’m just trying to be specific or clear. If it’s too long or you think it needs editing or bits cut out, please do.

Thanks, Gordon

I’m Gordon and I’m from Dunedin, New Zealand. I saw a shadow person 6 times from August to October 2013. In March 2013 I had moved into a new room in a cantilevered stilted house above a steep valley. The bedrooms and the lounge were facing south on the view side and had large floor to ceiling windows. Since it was so far to any nearby house on that side and had a good view of forest and city, I would not always fully close the curtains. The lounge was on the east end corner and my room was at the west end corner. There was also a row of 40cm/16in high windows that were at head height on the west wall of my bedroom. From the first day of moving there I repeatedly had a sense that I was being watched from out of the windows, including when in the lounge. I just thought I was "imagining things" so still didn’t close curtains.

On Sunday, August 4 2013, I was woken up at approximately 3am by a strong sense that someone was in my room. I looked and saw there was someone standing right beside me, beside the bed and 20 centimeters from my hand. He had a very white hand although I didn’t focus on it as I quickly then intently scanned up to see who the hell this was. A second or so passed as my vision moved up the body. I could see it was a kind of robe and had a very odd texture. I then realised: this is not human! look at this closely and remember all the details!

He/it had a very strong "maleness" vibe (huh?!) I could sense strongly -too strongly- that it was male despite it being short and gender non-descript. It was as if it was a kind of radiation radiating from him/it. Very, very strange and not at all normal. He/it had a well fitted robe, (not flappy and flowing) but that had a strange "smokey" surface and was actually blacker than physically possible. It had lots of little super-black filaments that looked and moved along just like electric plasma filaments of a Plasma Light - except “shining” blackness or "anti-light" rather than purple-blue light. They were roughly half a centimetre (1/4 inch) in diameter and ranging up to about 5 or 6cms (2 inch) in length. In retrospect it seemed like it was kind of reacting electrically or energetically with the air or our reality or something. ...or it was literally a "cloaking device" (regarding the invisible hooded face but visible clay-white hands).

But I think it’s more like an interdimensional, other-realm being that phases/tunes-into/materialises into this realm and requires the energy level from this realm/reality to do so. After seeing this hooded being, I get the impression that this human reality is relatively limited. It exists as a polarised, stretched-slowed energy spectrum - or that is how it appears from our human perception. To me it feels fake or muted/tempered/toned-down. Physical bodies seem to be energy filters and refiners (all our energy comes via the Sun, direct and indirect). Perceptual and emotional energy are filtered and refined. The way we treat cows, sheep and lab animals is being done to us on an appropriately more-complex "beyond human comprehension" scale.

I didn’t notice any air temperature change in any of the 6 times I saw it. It was winter and spring. But I think that they absorb heat (infrared) and at least the visible part of the light spectrum to be so black. They appear to "shine" "darkness" (but maybe this is really the "absorption" of light) and seem to absorb all ambient energy and therefore appear blacker than physically possible. Like an active absence of light rather than the normal black we are used to - which is a passive black (whereas the light we are used to is active).

So, after several seconds of first seeing it. I looked up to the head area. It was a humanoid wearing this hooded robe of preternatural darkness. It was 5 feet tall as it was right beside the wardrobe door which I had left open and which was like a short wall against the upper left side of the bed down to my wrist forearm level. So the Shadow Person's head was 15 to 20cm from the door and I made note of how high up the door it was.

Despite the body being blacker than black with not-so-black wisps, the face was even blacker! it was "black-hole" black, the purest black, with no wisps, nothing... but it had a sense of vast depth like looking into an abyss. Like there really was some vast void like a starless space and there were distant dark "clouds" of something through there, just not the appearance of it. It had no face features, no physically visible eyes. But I could intensely feel it staring and knew exactly where the eyes were. The face radiated, or was "shining" darkness (or absorbing light?) The eyes really did seem to shine something. Or was that because the eyes actually sucked up the energy in the most powerful way? What is fear exactly? Is it a reduction or dampening of electrical energy? Shame, guilt, sadness, remorse etc feel like a loss or drop or closing off of energy.

The whole body had a faint aura of darkness extending about 20cm from the head and had tiny discernible rays of darkness just like the sun has light. Or at least the way the light makes visible ray patterns by interacting with our watery, limited mammal eyes. It was particularly coming from the head and upper body just like a religious angel or Jesus picture. It was more like an aura than a stylised rounded halo - except it was black "anti-light".

When I looked at where the invisible eyes were, he/it looked at me -or barely moved really- just waiting for me to look at its eyes. I felt normal or fine until I saw its eyes (not that they were visible in the usual way). They were "radiating" a powerful malevolence, again like a strong strange kind of radiation. A super intense version of the "being watched" feeling, or "evil presence" feeling I had actually felt or sensed but not seen many times before in the past and could only think it was weird but imaginary or who knows what.

As soon as I looked into its invisible eyes I was then paralysed and extremely fearful of this extremely evil abnormal thing. Of the 6 times I saw it, it behaved the same: intentionally inducing fear, radiating strong nasty (negative) vibes, an emotion-like unearthly or alien quality of emotional energy. It also, very slowly -over several minutes- bent over closer and closer until its nothingness face was 15cm away from my face. I could see it sucking up fear from me as a brownish orangey "mist". But it was more like a plasma or another energy thing. It wasn’t water vapour. He/it was also somehow "looking around" in my mind, as if searching for something(?). I wonder how daylight etc would affect or taint this energy they suck up?

A year or so later I found that the Harry Potter "Azkaban" movie has a train scene where a "Dementor" looks and behaves much the same and is clearly inspired by such observations (It was done fairly well: but should have been CGI "smokey"- not wind-blown fabric strands). He/It literally feeds on fear (I think this is where the term comes from). Well it sucks it into its black-hole face - the whole empty face (?) - not a mouth like a Dementor : ) If you can call that "feeding" exactly. We humans still "feed" on prey energy like that but in the more indirect chemical digestion way.

I don’t remember it leaving - it was just suddenly gone (in a strange way like that time was blacked out from memory like that sequence of reality was cut out) and I quickly stood up, I was very disturbed, freaked out. I had never seen or heard of anything like it and I knew it was not a dream it was a real entity that had come into my room. It came again another 5 times over the next several weeks around 3am and always when my flatmate in the next room was not home ...and it acted almost exactly the same. Only one time I managed to say "What do you want?" It just watched, motionless as if it had heard nothing ("baa!, moo!") and that I was nothing to him/it.

The last time I knew it was there, he/it was beside my bed but further back, so I couldn’t see it because of the still-open wardrobe door (actually a wall closet door). I was paralysed but I was getting better at breaking out of the paralysis by trying to move side to side quickly. Just as the paralysis effect disappeared or broke or dropped away (after trying for a minute or so the paralysis suddenly quickly weakens then cuts out), I felt a slap on the crook of my arm. It was a slap using the tips of three fingers. So it was standing up straight when it slapped me, without bothering to reach further over. I sat up and said "Ow! shit. It slapped me". The shadow person was gone of course. The slap left no white or red mark (I would have photographed it if it did). If I see one again, I’m going to not look directly at it and grab hold of its robe.

I had never heard of Shadow People when I saw it. I googled "shadow that feeds on fear" and found this site. Seeing this shadow person and many other paranormal experiences during that late 2013- to 2014 period has totally changed what I think of everything. The house I’m in now is boringly/uninterestingly/ thankfully? normal (If it is related to the house). I found it extremely scary yet very very interesting and that first time I saw it, it shattered all of my illusions of what is real and what is true and showed that so much public information cannot really be as trustworthy and certain as it appears or claims: because this is not unknown - but kept secret. They require and depend on us being collectively ignorant of their presence and their influence. I can only speculate how far their influence and level of control may be.