From: Jordan
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016 11:59:46 AM
Subject: Hat man and hooded man, 24th may 2016

On May 24 2016

To set the scene quickly: I am in a master bed room, the bed is situated in the middle of the room with the TV and PC on a tall boy at the foot of the bed with ample room to move. To my left, I have my bathroom and walk-in-robe to my right; just space to walk and a window.

So on May 23 2016 I went to sleep as normal.

At some stage of the night, I heard a noise which woke me. I opened my eyes and what I saw scared me frozen. In the doorway of my bathroom stood this grey smoky figure, so tall it's head just fit below the frame. It appeared to be wearing a low profile very large wide brim hat. It had no face. The width of his shoulders was the width of the doorway and I could tell he was wearing what looked like a trench coat. (I had never heard of or seen this figure before).

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another figure standing in the doorway of my walk-in robe. It was the hooded man. Now, this fella I was familiar with; I had seen him in the past and so had my ex-wife. My ex always used to tell me when she had spotted him and where. Although I had known of him, he had never been so close to me as this night. So I looked back at the hat man and as I did, he lunged toward me. I literally screamed and threw my arm as if to swipe at him and push him aside. He was gone as I looked around I couldn't see him, but the hooded man stayed, except he had now moved to the foot of my bed. This guy was black and I mean black, I had no light in my room other than the ambient light from maybe the moon! And I could see his darkness darker than night, I looked at him and all that came to mind was bible studies to ask for Jesus; call his name and all evil will flee. So here I lay calling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, over and over, guess what, nothing he still stood there watching me. So now I'm really freaking out! I turn away from him and close my eyes I say, “Go away, I don't want anything to do with you. Just go away.” I look back and he's moved closer, he is now at the corner of my bed on MY side, I'm now petrified! So I thought… you know what? I'm going to close my eyes and go to sleep, screw this. So I did that and I didn't look back. I just closed my eyes and forced myself to sleep.

In the morning, I wake up and I say to myself well that was a strange dream, I make breakfast and start talking to my house mate who had my dog (boxer) sleep with her that night, she said, “Roxy woke up crying last night, scratching at my door to get out. I could hear you talking to someone. Who were you talking to?” It was at this point I told her my story. She starts to look worried and she then tells me when she let my dog out of her room, my dog ran to my bedroom door. My door is straight across from the garage door where we usually put my dog at night.
She says she actually saw a strange shadow which appeared to be emitting from the gap under my door and proceeded to draw me a picture of what shape it was. What she drew was a startling resemblance of the hood from the hooded man!

I immediately contacted my Ex who now does tarot card readings and the likes and I told her that the hooded man was in my room with a new man wearing a hat who I had never seen before. She writes back telling me I need to be cautious; the hat man is malevolent; he was the one causing all the stories she had told me over the past two years! She says to Google shadow people, so I do and I find that all these people around the globe are giving almost the exact description of this hat man as I had seen. This shit is real!

Since then I've spoken with all my friends and family about it. It turns out another one of my friends has seen the hat man but not the hooded man, he used to watch her from her drive way, I told my mum two days ago and when I saw the look on her face as I described the hat man, I said to her, "You have seen him, haven't you?" She said, “Yes, only eight months ago he stood in my room next to the table!”

So that's my true story. I hope you found it interesting. After finding out that there is one other shadow person, the old hag, I really hope I do NOT get the privilege of meeting her. She sounds horrible.

The whole time I was writing this, tears have been rolling down my face. I don't know why, probably because it freaks me out so much. Anyway, I look forward to one day finding out what or who these beings are. I find them scary but interesting and I do know they are real; it's too much coincidence for people to have so many similar encounters and give the same descriptions as I have seen when I had no clue about this Hat man to begin with.

Sweet nightmares people.