From: Bobby
Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 6:26:28 AM
Subject: Our encounters

I would like to tell you about our shadow experience, we are from Essex near London in the UK. Myself and my fiancée have both seen different types and the most common.

Approx. 7 Months ago – November 2015 around 2-3am I was lying in bed my fiancée next to me a sleep. I was looking directly ahead at the mirror which is on the back of the bedroom door

It was then I noticed a tall like figure which appeared to be in a top hat of some kind which would have been standing in front of the curtain behind me.

Now I’m one to keep my cool with things like this as I’m fully aware that dark things thrive on fear and negative energy so I didn’t bat an eye lid, I didn’t want to turn around and look at it directly because I would have been frightened so I decided to play a game and observe this thing through the mirror as the figure was pinned up on the wall directly behind me roughly a foot and half away.

I was staring at this image for a long time and it didn’t move once, not even a little bit. it stayed there stiff and still so I thought to myself my eyes could be playing tricks on me, it hasn’t moved for at least 15-20 minutes since I noticed it so I’m going to go to bed. During this time, I regularly opened my eyes to see it was still there and it still hadn’t moved. Anyway I didn’t think much of this encounter until now as 3 days ago my fiancée had an encounter but the one she sees was different in a lot of ways.

We had just returned from my nans house, it was daylight hours around 4:30 pm, it was thundering our dog needed a toilet so I took him out for a quick wee. {we don’t have a garden}

During this time my fiancée was washing up, as she finished there was a sound of loud thunder, she took the gloves off and turned around, she said she saw a very talk black and grey figure in some type of pointy hood standing there in full view of our hallway. It was described as being very solid and she could notice wispy parts around its hood like a type of haze. There was a lot more detail in this figure than the figure I noticed 7 months earlier. What she saw was around 7-8ft in height.

We have a lampshade hanging from the ceiling and she said this thing completely obstructed the view of the lampshade. That’s how she knew what was standing there in front of her, just a few feet away, was very real. She couldn’t work out if it was looking at her or at our 4-year-old daughter who was watching TV in the living room. At this point she immediately froze, her eyes watered, and felt terrified by its presence then she noticed it move out of view and quickly disappeared.

When I came back into the flat with our dog, she looked distraught and told me about what she saw so I decided to look it up and do some research. It was then I noticed that the top hat figure and the hooded figure seem to be a popular pair then something clicked which made me think about what I see 7 months ago and now believe what I encountered was very real also.

My fiancée is scared as she felt terror upon her encounter whereas I’m not so freaked out. Although I believe they are black for a reason, they must be associated with a form of dark energy which has led me to believe they aren’t exactly good or here to help us or be friendly but I don’t think they show up to cause us actual harm. I personally think they like to observe us and watch us but I just have no idea why

What are they, what are they doing here and what do they want?