From: Denise
Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 12:11:26 PM
Subject: Shadow story

I experienced the shadow people for the first time about 25 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We were moving; we were loaded up and ready to leave early the next morning to the family farm. Our son was 8 months old.

Everything was packed for our early morning move and in the second bedroom, my young son was in his crib. We had a double bed in this room also, for our three year old daughter but she usually found her way to our room. On this night, she came to our room and I had went to her bed since the baby was restless. The curtains were off the window and it was a ground floor apartment. I awoke to my son whimpering and as l opened my eyes, there was a tall man, way over 6ft tall. l couldn't make out the face but knew it was a man. He wore a tall hat and a long trench coat, he was patting my sons back and soothing him. lt felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, l stared at him and he looked at me, he then looked down at my son and continued patting his back and saying, “Shhhh shhhh shhhh.” l didn't feel fearful but l felt like l couldn't move; l felt paralyzed but as he patted the baby’s back harder and harder, l sat up and he was gone.

Since that night 25 years ago, l see him often but l also see others with no hats and no trench coats, just shadow men. l have also seen shadow animals, cats or dogs l presume anyways, since they run and are small like my cats that run across the floor.

I have moved from town to town over the last 25 years and have seen them always; l have never felt afraid. l see them during the day and at night, sometimes lots and sometimes not for weeks.

However, there is a frightening story that has happened but l don't know if l would call this a shadow man or a demon of some kind.

The basement in the home l have been in for the last 8 years has had some unsettling things happen: buckets being thrown, cell phones thrown, noises, and uneasiness when l am down there. My male cat sits at the top of the stairs and stares down there for hours, ears twitching.

I was feeling a lot of negative energy and believed the cause to be my sister and her boyfriend’s possessions that l was storing for them while they battled their addictions about 5 years ago.

One night, my basement door was open about 8 inches and as l was standing in my kitchen, l can see the basement door and down the first few stairs because of the door being opened. l felt afraid for some reason and glanced at the door where l saw a little man with little or no hair and a scary distorted face with wide open mouth. It scared the living hell out of me and l screamed, “Get out, get out of my house,” and he was gone.

I must mention l am native women and in our tradition, we yell at the bad ones so they leave. I smudged my house but still feel uneasy down there, l still feel a bad energy down there.