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Subject: Juneau shadow people

Hey everyone, not sure how to start this out…

I lived in Juneau, Alaska back in 2007 in a place called Chinook apartments. It was a two bedroom apartment with both bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen and living down stairs. Both of the bedrooms are separated by a small hallway with the bathroom in the middle, now I usually leave the bathroom light on with the door only about half way open. I lived with my son Damon and his mother. He was one and half at the time and he liked a little light when he went to sleep.

I work late at night about midnight or so and am up usually till about 3 or 4 in the morning. On this one particular night, I'd say around 3 in the morning, I got finished playing my madden football and went upstairs to our room. The baby was sleeping with his mother on the bed; only enough room for the two of them. So I grabbed a pillow and blanket and laid on the floor with my feet a couple of feet from the open doorway.

I feel asleep for about an hour and I got this feeling, you know, like you’re being watched but this was strong, powerful feeling, seething with hate… for me or everyone in the room I could not tell but was strong enough to wake me from a dead sleep. I woke up and turned my head toward the door and I saw two figures standing in the doorway looking at me. One was about six and half feet tall with a slicker on and he had a wide brimmed hat on as well. The other was shorter and he was peeking at me from behind the left shoulder of the other one. Like he would peek at me then hide his head and peek at me again. This happened three times, all the while the tall one with the hat on just stood there staring at me. I could feel the...just the hatred flowing out of him in waves like... I don't know how to describe it in words... he wanted to hurt me in the worst way… I could just feel it from him.

I could not move for a couple of seconds then I glance at my son and his mother and when I looked back, they were gone. Now I am a fighter and do not scare at all but this scared me to the core of my being. I crawled over to the bed and put my arm over my son’s mother just to feel her to give me some strength back. I could not go back to sleep until I turned every light in the apartment on.

(At the time I saw them) the hallway had been fairly well lit and I could see them just as I could see you; just two shadows of people just standing there staring and hating what they saw, or one hated and the other was scared or curious I could not tell. The one with the hat on was not scared in the least, not like the other one… him I will never forget.