From: Jimmy Stipman
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2016 11:43:28 PM
Subject: shadow story

I need to give some background before I get into my story.

My parents have been divorced since I was really little. At my mom’s house I have a really spiritual grandma who lives in a very spiritual world. She burns sage and claims it wards off "unwanted entities" and also does other small practices. My dad, on the other hand, is just a basic middle aged white guy. I switch between staying at both their houses and get an equal amount of time with both parents and living in both households.

Before I saw anything the immense feeling of "fakeness" started to set in. Everyone and everything became so far away. Few people other than my closest friends seem real, everyone else is just a robot following the rules. These feelings are starting to take over. Nothing is ever real. Then I started to see these, people, or whatever they are.

At the very beginning I only saw them out windows, out of the corner of my eye I'd catch the black figures gliding quickly past. All I could make out was a black shadowy type figure of a really scrawny looking guy (it resembled a person-like figure but was by no means human) half-glide half-run past my window. I got the vibe that if this thing was real, it was just passing by, no harm done. I tried not think anything of it though, played it off as just being my imagination (It did freak me out a little bit). After getting over my dumb "Imagination" I watched the same figure go by the same window again. But slower this time, as though it took a second to look at me. After this I was definitely freaked out, but the rest of the day just went on as normal.

I'm gonna skip forward about a month and a half now. Seeing these figures outside my windows became a regular thing, and I can sort of sense when one is close to me. Occasionally, I get this feeling of discomfort, and it can get very strong. It's almost as if I can feel the presence of other entities, or beings, but I can only pick up strong signals. So when I see these figures, they're usually accompanied by this feeling (it can come before, after or during the sighting, and sometimes happens when I don't see anything, which in a way is kind of scarier). I also get this feeling of very strong comfort and happiness at points too, a lot of the time it's when I'm in my mother’s house and generally my grandmother (who I said before, is very spiritual), and this all ties back to my theory of being able to sense presence, but I can only pick up signals from a very strong spiritual presence. My apologies for getting off topic, back to the story.

About a month and a half after the initial sighting of the shadowy figure, nothing significant has happening besides my ‘in-mind’ realization (whatever it may mean), until this night. Not sure when it was but it was one of the first nights I was staying at my dad’s house after the regular weekly switch.

I had had a normal day and was tired so I decided to go to bed. I turned all my lights off, shut my doors, turned on my fan then laid down, just like any other night. I was just sitting there for a while, eyes open and looking around (this is still normal, I regularly have trouble sleeping) but my eyes kept getting drawn to the same spot in my room. It was a corner I never looked into because of the angle of my bed but for some reason, I had an urge (sort of like the feeling I described earlier) to look into this corner. When I looked I saw something that I still don't really understand. It was as if a bunch of darkness came together to form this figure. Its body reached the top of my ceiling and it appeared to be wearing a hat that resembled that of a cowboy, but it was all made completely of darkness. It was staring straight at me. Although it didn't have a face, I could tell it was staring straight at me. (This happened over the course of about 5-10 seconds). I was scared straight. The first thing I did was grab my phone and shine the light at it, but it disappeared right away. At this point I was scared shitless but it was late, so I forced myself to go to bed. I shut the flashlight of my phone off without looking. I instantly had the feeling that there was something there. I didn't last long before giving in to curiosity and looking, just to see the same figure, standing there looking at me, as if it knew something that I didn't. I only looked for about .3 seconds before getting scared and turning the light back on though, so my judgment about that could be off. After this, I knew whatever was happening was real. And yes, I did sleep with the lights on that night.

After this, I began seeing these quick moving figures outside. They'd run out from behind one tree and back behind another, only visible for fractions of a second. Or between parked cars, and maybe I'd even spot them moving through crowds, the same figure in multiple different places at once. But, I never saw it as up close as I did in my room that night. After seeing that, these figures aren't as scary anymore.

Now, I'm fast forwarding roughly another month and half, and that brings us to me sitting here, writing this story. Since the spotting of the man in my room, there has been only one happening that could top it, and no, I have not (thankfully) seen this man since. But, back to the happening.

A few days ago, I was skateboarding home at about 9;30 at night. It was totally dark out and I was starting to get near my house when I hit this one particularly long road. It was completely straight, with street lights evenly spaced apart on both sides of the road, it looked pretty trippy. I wasn't really bothered by it though, as skateboarding around at night and in the dark was a usual thing for me, so, I started down the road as usual. I was cruising down the road, about half way to where I planned to turn off, carving in and out of parked cars, as the road was completely empty. Something told me that I should take a look behind me, even though I'd be able to see the lights of any cars turning onto the road behind me. What I saw was a very interesting sight. At first they just looked like two normal people, they were making kind of a weird movement but they were all the way back at the beginning of the road and I was far so I thought nothing of it. I kept on skating.

A few seconds go by and I get the urge to look back again. I'm gonna try to explain what I saw, but it's pretty hard to describe. The once normal looking people, started to gain height and mass. They were about 6 foot 5 and were both mantling in my direction, one moving at an alarming rate. One was on the right side of the road, and the other on the left. One was about 10 ft. ahead of the other, but their movements appeared to be synchronized. I turned back and looked forward, and had kind of a "what the hell?" moment in my mind, as, whatever these things where, they're not very good at posing as humans. I guess they realized that I had caught on to them because when I looked back again, they were running at me, this time moving even faster than before. I remember pushing myself as fast as I could down the rest of that street on my skateboard, but it was to no use, as I was already far enough away from those things to be in any danger.

I looked back again, after pushing everything I had out of me, into the speed that I was skateboarding. What I saw when I looked this time made me just stare in awe for a second. These two creatures, had broken into a full out sprint down this road, and they were going fast too. When I said I was pushing fast earlier, I was lying. THIS time, really was the fastest I had ever gone on a skateboard (without the help of a hill). I reached the end of the road, and decided to look back once more before turning. And I saw nothing. They were completely gone. Everything was completely back to normal. I decided not to take time to think about it and headed straight home.

This brings us to right now, me, sitting in my bed, typing this whole thing out. I am convinced that something is following me. I can feel it right now. Since my realization that I talked about earlier, I've been practicing my abilities to sense other beings (and other abilities but those are unrelated). I feel like I'm going to need to know to use my sense the best I can, because I really feel like I'm in some sort of danger, and I don't think him, or them, or whatever it is gonna just leave me alone. Something about the way these things look, about the way the creature was staring at me in my room, and the way those things were just running (hopefully not at me, but that's how it seemed in the moment) gives me the vibe that they're not here to just be seen.

If anybody Is still reading, thank you for listening to my experience so far with the people of the shadows. If anyone has had any similar experiences please email me at Jimmy Stipman, and no, that isn't my real name