From: Kirstin
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2016 4:55:21 PM
Subject: Shadow people/the hat man

I first saw what I assume to be The Hat Man when I was about 16. I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling that someone was watching me. As soon as I looked up I saw a tall black figure at the foot of my bed. He was around 6 foot, wearing a long coat and a hat. He wasn't looking at me but instead was looking at the ground. I was frozen with fear and told myself that it was sleep paralysis and to try and get back to sleep. I opened my eyes a few minutes later and there was nothing there so I shrugged it off as me just seeing things.

A few weeks later the same thing happened only this time he was out in the hallway. The hallway light was on but I couldn't see any features, just the black silhouette. He was facing my brother’s bedroom door looking down at the floor again. He was leaning his back against the banister of the stairs, and as he was facing my brother’s room; I was looking at him side on. He turned his head to look towards me then walked into my brother’s room. This time I woke my parents and told them I saw a man walk into my brother’s room. My dad done a lap of the house and found no one.

This became a weekly occurrence, and was always at night so I put it down to not being fully awake or tired.

One day during summer, around lunch time, I was in the kitchen making lunch and saw something from the corner of my eye, I turned and at the bottom of the hallway, there he was. I was petrified and just stood still while staring at him, he was looking down at the ground then looked up at me before eventually turning and walking slowly into my living room.

No one believes me of course so I started googling things about a man in a hat to try and find a reasonable explanation and came across the shadow people. I was super relieved when I found out I wasn't the only one seeing these and 100% believe that this isn't any form of hallucination.

I'm from Ireland if that helps and wouldn't believe in ghosts and spirits had I not had this experience. I'm 20 now and still see him from time to time, only now there would be months in between rather than weeks.

Every time I have an encounter I always feel the need to talk to him, but can't. The sense of fear also hasn't gotten any less since the first time I seen him. If I relive experiences in my head I get overwhelmed with fear. I'm glad I found this site and thought I would share my own experiences for other people to know they're not the only ones seeing him.

I am giving permission to have my story uploaded to the Official Shadow People Archive. Thanks for reading.