From: Erin
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 7:06:43 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow man on the neighbors roof!


Here is my story. I hope that you do post it, and offer my email as it is has sort of a strange ending. I am curious as to whether this sort of case is common.

I was in my teenage years when I saw my first and only shadow person. My family had moved into a large newer home in the suburbs of Vancouver. Strangely, although this house was new, it seemed to be haunted. Within the first few months of moving in, my whole family had noticed an eerie feeling in the house. No one liked being alone in the house, as it always felt like you were being watched. Overall the haunting's events were standard fair: objects would suddenly disappear and then reappear, there was tapping on the walls, and even very distinctive footsteps on the top floor. Some attacks were specific to me, sometimes there was music throughout the house when I was alone, the light bulb in my room would burn out almost every night, and once a chunk of my hair was cut off.

I worked evenings at as a bus girl, and one night after work I stayed up late watching TV to unwind. For a time, things were calm and I was feeling very comfortable and safe. When suddenly the atmosphere turned dark, this was common, and I would do my best to ignore the feeling. I would sometimes get a sense when the presence was particularly active and menacing, and this evening it was strong.

I became stiff and almost paralyzed with fear. I was afraid to move, to think, to even look around the room. I knew something was going to happen. I kept my focus on the television. All of a sudden the TV went to static, this may sound fantastically strange, but the static suddenly took shape in the form of a bloodied screaming face. This face appeared so briefly that I was not sure I had seen it at all. I was angered by this attack, it was extremely low and unnecessary, and a little over the top.

Moments later I heard the sound of heavy booted footsteps on the outside deck. The foot steps sounded almost like someone had jumped and landed on the deck. The deck was off the second story, it was accessed by the sliding doors directly behind me. I hesitated to look, as I was unsure I wanted to know what was there. However, sometimes I used this deck to sneak out of the house at night and hangout with friends. I thought maybe it was a friend visiting. Although, after the TV face, I was pretty sure this was not a friend. I opened a small crack between the blinds to peer through, hoping whatever was there would not see me looking. I scanned the deck and saw nothing, but then something caught my eye on the on the roof of the house across the street. It was the silhouette of a very large man.

The man was wearing a hat and a long trench coat. The man was standing still, legs slightly apart arms at his sides on the top of the neighbor’s roof. The coat was blowing around him in the wind. I could not make out any distinctive facial features, however, I knew he saw me looking, and that he was looking back at me. When I think of it now, I believe it was raining because the coat had a wet sheen that was reflecting the moon light. He was completely black and solid, but the moon light sheen did reveal that he was three dimensional. It was actually a little stormy, so I was stunned by the ease at which he remained tall and steady on the roof.

I could not believe what I was seeing was real. I blinked my eyes, rubbed, and refocused them several times, but each time he remained. I do not remember feeling overly fearful or threatened, mostly stunned and confused. I could not think how he had gotten on the roof. I had paused for a minute or two between hearing the sounds on my deck and spying him on the roof, but certainly not long enough for him to climb down from my deck, cross the road, and climb up the other house. Then I remember thinking he might have jumped from my deck to the neighbor's roof. That's when I remember then feeling scared, as I did not know if this man was real, or a man at all.

I ran to my sister’s room and woke her, I pleaded with her to come and look out the window. She agreed to take a look, and said she saw nothing. I looked again, and I could still see him. I did not understand how she could not see him, to me he was plainly there on the roof. A few moments later he seemed to vanish. My sister explained all she saw was the chimney, and it was certainly not a man. To this day I do not understand how it was that I could see him, and she could not. I always felt a little crazy after this event, so I was glad to find out about shadow people. Now I wonder if it is possible that shadow people expose themselves to some and not others, or maybe, only some people can see them?

Sincerely Erin K