From: Anne G.
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 8:57:25 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: A Different Kind of Showing for Me

I have sold Real Estate for 10 years now, and I have shown a lot of houses where people have passed away. And I sell in PA--where many structures were built prior to 1900. Me, I'm from CA, so when we moved here, it was pretty fascinating to be surrounded by really old buildings.

The home I was showing, though, was not particularly old, built about 1970. Vacant and dated, it was obvious; it had been occupied by an older couple.

My clients were with me inside the home, and we were standing near the kitchen. The shadow "walked" about 5 feet behind my buyers from the right end of the room to the left, and through a closed door that lead to the basement. Its shape was very distinct above the waist, more than 5ft in height above the ground, black, and translucent. It appeared to be an older looking man-with his shoulders somewhat hunched over, and this silhouette was wearing a small brimmed hat. I was looking straight at the side view of this man as he went by...probably about 4-5 seconds in view. I thought what is that, but being with out my buyers, my thought was... this is strange, obviously my eyes are playing tricks on me---the time of day was getting near dusk.

I continued to show the house and a little time later, the buyers were standing in the kitchen, facing me with their backs turned to the kitchen window. My vantage from that window, allowed me to see a covered porch attached in the back closer to the left of the back of the house. Honest to goodness, I see THE SAME older "shadow" man walk from that outdoor covered porch and go by the kitchen window, outdoors, with his upper body in view again, this time from the left to the right. He only disappeared as he walked past the window, and out of my line of sight. Again I saw his for about 4-5 seconds.

I found myself saying "did you see..." and then stopped before that ludicrous question left my mouth...Don't need the buyers thinking I am crazy.

My next thought, so this is what a shadow person looks like. NEVER mentioned it to the buyers...did mention it to the listing agent, however.

It had been a rather odd showing day: First house that day (to a different buyer) - a property where a man the year before, had violently bludgeoned his wife to death in the home. Second house that day (to the buyers I mentioned above) - a house which was filled with dead animal "trophies". Heads mounted, a stuffed boar, an elephant tusk, antlers being used for cabinet handles...this house, although people lived there was creepy. You felt like you had disturbed a burial ground. Plus what looked like antique farming equip outside, a scythe, pitchfork, bow saw, mounted on a children’s' playhouse.

I figured the only reason I was able to see this shadow person on that day, and nothing before or since, is because of the lingering "supernatural" beacon I had been tagged with as a result of showing those other "non conforming" properties the same day.

Sorry the story is so long. You are more than welcome to post this...I just thought it was so strange. I have been meaning to look up the subject of shadow people, because of this incident, and under what circumstances they appear.

I really am wondering if the lingering atmosphere/energy I may have brought with me from the other showings "opened" this window, for just a spell.