From: Joe
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2017 1:29:15 PM
Subject: Re: My experience

One of my most vivid memories from childhood is my experience with a 'shadow person'. I remember it like it was yesterday and I have always known within myself that what I saw was 100% real and that I was not hallucinating or dreaming.

I want to start with that I'm now 24 and this happened to me when I was about 11. Right up until today I had no idea that this was even a thing... or a widely experienced phenomena. I thought it was just my own experience and was something that was completely unique to me. It's something that I rarely speak about, although I do think about it regularly... I'm actually blown-away by the similarities between mine and others recounts!

My story is similar to others that I have read. I woke up in the middle of the night at about 3am and it was dark but I could just see clear enough to see that my bedroom door was wide open. (I have no idea why it was open as I would always sleep with my door closed. This was something my parents respected, so if they ever entered my room whilst I was asleep, they would always close the door.)

I was confused and I remember just staring at it wondering why it was open. Right then, a large, darker than dark, manly figure enters the room from behind the door. Once inside the room it made its way towards my bed. My bed is about 3 metres from the doorway and the terror I felt whilst this figure was approaching me was indescribable. Although the room was dark, his dark, silvery, shadowy presence was as clear as if the lights were on. The only features I could clearly work out was his long coat and 50/60's style hat.

He slowly made his way towards my bed. I was watching and staring for every second of it, too scared to move or make a sound. He arrived at my bed side, and was about 2 feet away from me at this point. He continued to look down at me and I looked back. I then started to force my eyes closed and blinked frantically in the hope that he would disappear, but he was still there. I would turn my ahead away and look back, and he was still there. It was very clear to me that this was not my imagination. After about 30 seconds of him peering over me, I started plucked up the courage and started shouting for my mum or dad to wake up. My dad eventually gets up and whilst he was walking along the hall and into my room the figure was still there, still staring. My dad then switches on the light, asking 'what is wrong?' and it was only then that it vanished. It was so real and so clear, I was convinced it would still be there when the lights came on.

The main difference between my account and others is that I never remember feeling that what I could see would harm me. He didn't seem dangerous, or threatening. I certainly didn't feel this sense of 'evil' that others have mentioned. He was very still and in a way, very peaceful. I was just terrified because I'm 11 and there is a man in my room! Also, I don't remember seeing red or yellow eyes.

Like I mentioned, I really had no idea that this was a widely experienced phenomena and now I just want to learn more.