From: Corey
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2016 2:40:29 AM
Subject: My Encounter with "Shadow People"

Hello, my name is Corey Peyrani. I am young, 16 to be exact, I live north of Houston, Texas in the Spring area. As I said, I am 16 and I am of Catholic Faith.

My first encounter with these "Shadow People” was about four or five months ago. The Shadow is the one that many call the "Hatted Man".

It was at roughly 6:20 am CST, I sleep and wake up in my bed facing my closet, and in my closet I have a mirror. In the mirror I saw this "Hatted Man" staring at me, faceless and wearing what seemed to be a long trench coat and a wide brimmed fedora-like hat. I will say I saw him for three seconds max and then I blinked and he was gone.

Now this was my first sighting but not my first time hearing of these beings. My older brother, Devin, he is currently 18, but when he was 17 and I was 15, he told me that many different times, he would wake up in pitch black of night and feel as if he is paralyzed and only can move his eyes. He said, he would hear whispers but could not understand them, and that he would see the same figure stand before his bed. Someone leaned down to him and just stared for, what he said, about 10 to 15 minutes. He would then disappear and my brother could stand up and turn the lights on. Back when he first told me this, it was hard to believe him but now I believe him all too well.

It has been five months since my last sighting with the "hatted man" but another figure visits me. I have not given her a name but I see her quite often. My last sighting of her was 9/23/16, two nights ago and before that, she would visit weekly. She does nothing; just stands by my computer area in my room and stares, but she is not faceless. All I can see of her is her eyes; a grayish white color with small pupils, her hair long, and her attire is what looks like a night dress. She does nothing, I have stayed up long nights with her.

My first time meeting her she would not let me see her completely, but now, we just stare at one another. She does not change her spot or her stance. If she where a human girl, I’d say she'd be young, around the age of 14 or 15, and stands at 5'2, hair down to her mid back. I have been given a lot of time to observe her, but I refuse to talk to her. I still believe that by talking to a spiritual or other worldly being, you are accepting them in as a host. I do not... trust her, per say, but we seem to have a mutual respect of boundaries.

She does not scare me but she does scare my current girlfriend. Before my first sighting, my girlfriend, who is 17 years of age, told me that she would see her at night staring at her from the mirror but saying nothing. She would walk around her room, but never get within five feet of my girlfriend.

As for the "hatted man," my girlfriend has seen him as well; outside her window. She lives in a trailer home, opposed to I living in a one story house. It was not until two months into our relationship that I started to see the girl and the "hatted man". That one time, she and I have come to a conclusion that these two are somewhat like father and daughter. We came to this conclusion because before seeing her, we saw him, the hatted man, as if he was making sure it would be safe for his daughter to be here in this specific environment. The girl goes between my house, and hers, but recently it has only been my house. I do expect to see her tonight in the same spot and in the same way. Tonight, I will attempt conversation in Spanish.