From: Audrie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2015 1:34:43 PM
Subject: My Shadow People Are Scaring Me

Throughout my life I have seen what I knew to be ghosts. They always appeared to me in blue. Blue orbs or detailed blue outlines are how I have always experienced anything that I took as paranormal until about 5 months ago in January.

Over this last year I have been having problems with all of the birth control methods I have tried like allergic reactions until, against my better judgment, I got an IUD. After about 8 months it began to cause intolerable pain. My husband and I had just bought our first home (a town home) and had been there for about six months when the pain took a turn for the worse and I saw Them for the first time.

First Occurrence

My town home is a loft. At the top to the stairs to the right is our open bedroom and to the right of that is an open bathroom area that has the sink with a counter topped with a large mirror. One night I started awake and my attention snapped to the top of the stairs where three dark figures stood. All three were silhouettes of shadows that were distinctly darker than the surrounding shadows. About 5 feet way from me were two figures. One was distinctly male and about 6 feet tall. The one next to him was more feminine with delicate curves and stood at about 5 foot 6 inches. The last was closer to me. Only about three feet from me I could tell she was a young female. This figure seemed to flicker and blur at the edges. I gasped and she tilted her head to side as if she was asking me something.

I could feel the curiosity coming from them. It seemed like they had been expecting someone else and were confused by our presence there. After about a minute they seemed to lose focus and then fade away. I was shaken up because I had never experienced anything like this before. I didn't like that someone had been there while I was sleeping and it felt like an invasion of my home.

Various Nights

After that first night I would start awake around 2am to find the tall male figure standing at the top of the stairs. Sometimes he would be facing me full on but other times he would be standing with his left shoulder towards me and he would be looking at me with his head turned. Usually when his head was turned he seemed to be wearing a hat with a small brim like a bowler hat of some type. It could have been two different figures but it was hard to tell.

When I woke up we would watch each other for a minute or two and then he would leave. This happened in different ways as well. Sometimes he would blur and I would simply lose focus of him then the shadows would be lighter. Other times he would simply turn and walk down the stairs. After about two night of this I began to notice that I was hot after I would see him. The room would be very warm but would cool considerably once he was gone. This went on for 4 nights in a row.

My Husband’s First Experience

On the 5th night I woke with a start at 2am but I couldn't see anything. I was just very warm. As I tried to get back to sleep I listened to my husband’s deep, even breathing to calm down. Suddenly, he sat bolt upright yelling and holding his nose.

“Why would you do that?” He yelled at me.

Shocked, I asked what had happened. He told me that it felt like I had taken a bundle of my hair and shoved it up his left nostril. I told him it wasn't me and he calmed down and asked if I had seen anything I said no but I had not been looking over on his side of the bed. He was irritated and hot. We checked the thermostat. It was set at 68 degrees but the room temperature was 76.

The Big One

For a week things were quiet but my health was declining. I had to go to the emergency room and had my IUD removed due to severe pain. I took the next day off of work and that night everything changed.

That night I began to have a strange dream about being in a desert. There was an extremely hot spot on my back between my shoulder blades and another hot spot on my lower abdomen below my belly button. I could feel myself slowly waking from the dream. It was like my consciousness was being pulled forward through molasses.

As I realized I was waking I waited for the hot spots to dissipate with the dream but they did not. They became only more defined. They took on shape. The one on my back clearly became a right hand pressed underneath me. The fingers were long and very thin with a long oval palm. The hot spot on my abdomen took shape of a left hand. The pinky and ring finger were tucked slightly into my underwear. They were just laying on me.

Once I realized I was being touched my eyes snapped open and I gasped. Looming over me was the tall female figure. Next to her right next to my head was the short female figure. They were whispering very quickly. I didn't understand anything they were saying. Their voices seemed to vibrate and hum in my ears. They were very excited about something.

When I looked at the smaller figure she laid her hand on my eyes and said, “Shhhhhh”

I woke up at 1pm the next day. I felt incredibly calm and somehow excited. I felt better than I had all year. More awake, more alive and for the first time in weeks, pain free. I attributed this to having the IUD and hormones out of my body because I still felt uneasy about the shadows.

It was so strange and I can’t honestly say I’m sure I had even woken up that night. It had all happened so fast. I felt confused and scared that they had touched me. I didn't like the thought that they could manifest that way, I still don’t.

The Following Week

The next three nights I started awake on the dot at 2am to find the tall man figure back at the top of my stairs. On the third night I woke to my cat purring loudly in my ear. She was sitting next to my pillow staring at the shadow man. At this point he was just annoying me because I can’t sleep under observation. I told him to go away. I said I was sick of being woken up and to leave us alone.

Two nights later I woke again. This time I could only see the left side of his head and brim of his hat looking at me around the corner of the staircase. I couldn't help but laugh and as soon as I did he was gone down the stairs.

That weekend I went and got some crystals and sage. I’m sick of being woken up and the thought that they could touch me and force me to sleep kept nagging at me. After the burning things were peaceful and the home felt totally different. I slept better than I ever had in this house and the nights became nice and cool. I thought that everything had been solved.

One Week Ago

I have been very sick with the flu for the last week and a half. Last week I stayed home from work the whole week. On Wednesday the 29th of April I woke up drenched in sweat. I thought it was the fever and fretfully tried to get comfortable. I turned my back to the room but couldn't stay that way as chills ran up my spine.

I looked down at the staircase and saw the tall man shadow. He seemed to flicker for a moment then expanded. He covered the entire wall and spread out over the top of the mirror and across the wall at the foot of my bed. I couldn't breathe I was so scared. The light in the kitchen, my cell phone and my husband’s cell phone all turned on and the he was gone.

I was so scared I was shaking and began to cry. My husband woke up, went downstairs to turn off the light then switched sides of the bed with me.

Three Days Ago

I was sleeping with my back to the room. I woke to the feeling of what felt like three fingers moving down my spine. The middle finger was on my spine with the ring finger and first finger on either side. When they reached the center of my back they pushed. It felt like the first finger and ring finger sank into my back. Sharp pain radiated through my body and I sat up. The lights and phones were all on again and I didn't see anything but my back burned the rest of the night.

The next day I burned more sage. I was sore, scared and angry.

Last Night

I had a dream that I was at work. I could hear my boss talking with my supervisor about firing a girl named Annie. In the dream I could feel her behind me but I couldn't turn. I felt hands on my shoulders and a female voice said my name right in my ear.

It was like my consciousness snapped like a rubber band to being awake. My attention immediately snapped to a dark shadow standing at the end of my bathroom counter. It was normal sized but seemed to have no legs because of how high it stood. It was male and seemed to flicker back and forth from looking at me from the side to straight on. When he would be solid I could see him casting a lighter shadow onto the wall.

I was petrified. He felt angry. When I told him to go away he tilted his head to the side. I woke my husband who went over and turned the lights on. He said that area was warm.

I am honestly very scared now. I don’t know much about Shadow People and I am now looking into them more since I can’t think of anything else. I’m worried I have just made them angry by burning the sage and as soon as I got sick and my defenses were weak they found a way back into my home. Have there been reports of them hurting anyone? Am I dealing with Shadow People or have I crossed the line into something else? Why would they go months without showing up and be angry when they did?