From: Maria
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 2:10:20 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Jacuzzi Shadow Man

I will call myself Maria. I am 36 years old. I am a college educated, young, successful business woman that runs a well known Comedy Club in Hollywood, California. I am a devout Roman Catholic.

Today I returned with my friend, (we will call her Lisa) from a last minute weekend girls’ getaway at a 5 Star Resort in Palm Springs. We decided on Friday to pack our bags and enjoy some sun and relaxation.

Last night, after wonderful dinner and some girl talk; we decided to chill out and hit the resort’s Jacuzzi area. We had not been drinking. We were thrilled to see that on a warm Saturday evening at such a luxurious property; we were the only ones in the Jacuzzi area.

We were thoroughly relaxed; enjoying the water and our last night of our girls’ getaway.

Lisa was in the Jacuzzi telling me some hilarious stories of her childhood; I had just gotten out of the water and settled into a nearby lounge chair. I was listening to Lisa tell her story and I looked up at the empty pool area adjacent to the hot tub. The night was clear; the pool was lit a beautiful deep blue……all of a sudden; I saw a DARK BLACK figure of a man whose outline looked as if he was wearing a full suit; quickly jump behind a closed patio umbrella as if he were hiding from me. I did not see any facial features; but he appeared to have some mass to him. His movement was very fluid and swift. I thought he was hiding once I caught him looking at us. I was immediately startled thinking that some rude, drunk man had wandered out of the resort bar and decided to take a look at us in our bathing suits. I immediately jumped up and investigated; only to find NO ONE hiding behind the umbrella. In fact, there was nothing there at all. I was very nervous; but didn’t want to tell Lisa because she frightens pretty easily and the entire motive for our weekend was to help her relax from her hectic life AND mine as well. My mind was spinning; heart pounding, but I didn’t know what the hell to do. I thought if I had told her, she would have certainly thought I was crazy.

I kept quiet for a few minutes; then we noticed BATS starting to swarm around the hot tub area. There had been a couple flying around when we first arrived at the hot tub; and we were initially curious as we had never seen live bats before. However, they were becoming increasingly more aggressive and multiplying in numbers. Lisa noticed as well; and we decided to get back to our rooms very quickly. The feeling of the atmosphere had changed significantly from peaceful tranquility to uneasiness.

As we started down the steps right beside the umbrella I had seen the figure a few minutes prior, LISA jumped back; as if she were about to run into somebody. She turned to me and said; “I just saw a black outline of a large man wearing a hat RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I COULD FEEL HIM; BUT THERE’S NOTHING HERE”. It was at that point I told her we needed to get inside. We rushed through the abandoned pool areas and it was then that I informed her that I had seen the VERY SAME frightening character jumping behind an umbrella. We were so spooked; we locked ourselves in our rooms and checked out early this morning. So much for a gentle end to such a great weekend.