From: "shan sheldon"
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Sun, May 30, 2010 11:43:56 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Shadow Guy

I have been reading the stories on this page and it is interesting to know that there really are other people who have seen these "beings" as well. It helps me to know I haven't lost my marbles!

Anyway, I have a story to share, if you would like to post it, I don't mind at all:

It doesn't really match up with the others though so I am kind of concerned as to what my "Shadow Guy" really is. It started when I was 5 years old and has followed me every since. My "Shadow Guy" is a very tall man, averaging about 7' tall. He is very distinct whereas, he is not a mist or a cloud, he is a black figure that you cannot see through. He is of a substance or material that, if you wanted to (which I never have) could possibly touch and it would be as if touching a person. He is very much a "real being" and I use that loosely. He walks tall and has a very distinct stature. He wears a fedora, a trench coat, and the "feeling" I get when I see him is at some point, he was involved with or has ties to the mafia or private detective feel. As strange as that seems, he is very formal in his visits as if he has a job to do and that's why he is here and the only reason. He walks with a purpose, he is very business-like.

Again, I have seen him since I have been 5 years old and every time I see him, someone in my life passes away. When he visits, at first I feel as if someone is watching me and when I look he is there. I can't say that our eyes meet (the fedora always covers his face) but in a strange way, he knows I see him. He does not just disappear once I recognize that he is there, he walks swiftly and in a controlled manner through a doorway and he is gone. Normally, I see him a week before someone close to me passes. I recognize that he is there to tell me; "There is nothing more you can do. Say your good-byes and wish them well". I say what I have to say to the person before they pass so that I don't have any regrets or unfinished words with that person. It really doesn't matter if it is day or night time when he appears, he has a message to give me and to him it is very important. Day or night, there is no mistake he is there. I don't find him to be violent or evil in anyway. I find it comforting in a way that he warns me ahead of time to prepare myself. He is not violent or hateful. And when he comes to warn me, it's not a scary-movie clip horror flick visit.

The first time he came to me, I was a child. I thought my imagination got the best of me. There is no mistake that I have a "Shadow Guy" in my life. I have verbally recorded each visit to a friend and my husband at the time. At first neither of them believed me until someone passed. Then, my husband started seeing him as well and my children had commented on seeing a "tall man" but he wasn't scary at all. It took the confirmation of 4 deaths deaths of our close relatives for us to understand this was not a joke, a trick, or a game in any way. I have had several instances where he has appeared and I have told someone and then someone close to me has passed. Usually, it was someone who was sick already, he just warned me to be prepared.

I was recently remarried and hadn't had an incident since living with my ex-husband with the passing of my step-father. While us newly-weds were having a romantic movie night, I felt someone watching me and I looked up. I saw the "Shadow Guy" and instantly thought; "Do I tell him or do I not tell him?" I ended up telling him about my experiences with my "Shadow Guy" and how many times he had appeared and that I had just saw him walk into the kitchen. I think he thought I was a crack head for sure. He didn't say anything but the look on his face was of; "What the hell are you on and can I have some???" Needless to say, we laughed about it and continued with our movie night. Three days later, I call him in a panic (while he was visiting his parents in another part of the state). All I could manage was: "There is something wrong with the puppy!! He's acting really weird and having spasms and I don't know what to do!" He told me calmly to get the pup to the vet. Going through everything that had happened, I didn't get the pup til he was 12 weeks old. He had never had any puppy shots until I had administered his first set. He had already contracted distemper prior to my receiving and caring for him and administering his first set of shots. I got him to the vets just in time for him to take his last breath. Of all precious beings on this earth, why a beautiful, happy, loving and devoted puppy-I will never know. I was able to spend close to 3 weeks with the little guy. He was the epitome of what a puppy/dog should be. He was a heaven sent and always made you smile. I am upset because this death took me by surprise, however i realize that my "Shadow Guy" can't really tell me who it will be. I am grateful for the warning ahead of time. I guess my story just means I need to listen to him more.

My girlfriend knows when my "Shadow Guy" comes; something bad is going to happen. Now, I think my hubby believes it too. As horrible as the incident was and as attached we had become to our puppy, now my husband knows not to doubt the "Shadow Guy".

Please post my story, as I would like to be in contact with anyone who has the same experiences as I do. I would like to know if anyone actually has learned to accept them into their lives. Running and screaming away from them might mean you are missing something they are trying tell you with their visit. I really don't believe they mean any harm but if you are going to act out at them, I can see where they would want to "play" back. I don't believe they are of another world as I can't imagine that other worlds wear fedora hats and look like gangsters or spies. Although, I have been known to be wrong. I accept any/all explanations, I am extremely open-minded.