From: Jack
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2016 9:29:29 PM
Subject: Threatening shadow figure

Excuse any grammar errors if any, English isn't my first language.

Something very strange happened to me during the night of October 3, and I'd like to tell the story.

To give some background:

I have never heard of shadow figures before. Had no clue what in the hell was going on until a relative came with the idea to search the net for info. I'd also like to add that I've been going through some very serious difficulties the past two months. My whole life been a struggle for various reasons, but on September 1 my brother past away, only 29 years old. Both our lives been full of dark, heavy emotions. I buried him October 1.

My religious beliefs would be Christian, but in a sense I would call myself an atheist. Spent most efforts to learn about old Scandinavian beliefs though. Five days prior to my brother’s death I met a Muslim girl, which I'm still together with. Don't know if any of this matter, but worth mentioning I guess.

As I said, this was during the night, not that late. I think I went to bed around 11 pm. The bedroom is not pitch black, with light coming in from both window and doorway, on each side of the bed. My girlfriend was sleeping to my left. I fell asleep quickly I remember. The event took place around midnight.

Suddenly, I woke up from this uncomfortable pressure on my chest, a little to the left where I'd imagine the heart to be. I had rolled over on my left side as well, I remember. I didn't open my eyes but quickly moved my right hand to investigate. I bumped in to something that was pressing on my chest, with an eagerness almost, like it was attached. I wasn't scared at all because it was so surreal. What and why, was mostly my thoughts. As a reflex I used my fingers to get an idea of what the object was, and here I became scared.

It's not easy to write about I feel now, laying exactly where it took place. I could feel a hand, flat with fingers stretched out together, buried into my skin. Panic started to build up. For some reason I slept with my left arm over my eyes, so I had not looked around yet. But yes it was there, a hand the size of my own, I could make out every detail by touching it. I recall how terrifying it was to move my fingertips against the fingertips of this hand, and coming to the conclusion it was real.

First instinct was to get it away from me, so I tried to wedge in under its fingers, but then came this noise and the pressure got heavier. Like something became aggregated from me trying to get away. Now I looked.

For a split second it was just a pitch black figure. I could make out a hat, not very wide. It felt like it had some sort of coat on, but very hard to make out because the lack of any texture, just pure black. It was hovering over my girlfriend, slightly behind, with its right arm fully stretched to reach my chest. As soon as I had looked and realized what I had in front of me, it woke up with such intensity I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Two eyes popped into place, widely stretched, lively, so frantic. It wasn't normal eyes, but yellow/golden, and only outlines with pupils, everything else black as the rest. They moved and stared so crazy. When eye contact was made between us it really started to growl and the pressure on my chest became almost unbearable. Not like it was angry by this contact, more like it became exalted by it and wanted me to keep staring.

I quickly moved my left arm back in front of my eyes. The pressure from the hand eased up as well then. What should I do, was pretty much anything I could think. I made another attempt to push the hand away but this just made the pressure heavier again and a low more threatening growl could be heard. I realized I was losing my consciousness, it was hard to breathe and my heart was beating irregularly. It came down to survival instinct at that point, and I decided to attack no matter the cost.

I removed my left arm again and raised my head staring right at it. The thing became insane by this and started to shake, and it felt like the hand was moving through the chest into my body, it was such a strange sensation. Last thing I did was to scream "f**k off" and use my right arm to take a swing at it. It was gone.

My eyes moved down and I looked at my girlfriend. She just lied there scared and upset, asking what was wrong with me, what I was screaming and swinging at. She hadn't seen the shadow. Only me making noises from not breathing and touching my chest. She said she thought I was dying. I don't know why she wasn't aware of the thing.

The next day I started to tell myself it was just a dream. But when I decided to mention this to my mother. I didn't have to say many words before she filled out the rest of my sentence. She had been living in the same area as me, around 25 years ago, and she could describe the figure with detail. She had met it from a distance once in a dream, and a year later it suddenly stood staring down at her in her living room. It didn't do anything to her but just stared for a couple of minutes and then disappeared in front of her.

I have never believed in anything ghost-like. Considered it nonsense. I do not anymore. Noteworthy is how it wanted to hurt me. Haven't seen such behavior mentioned in any of the stories I've read so far, and is the main reason for me sharing.