From: Jill
Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2015 12:02:25 AM
Subject: Shadow people

Back in 1980; my last year in the United States Navy and six months before I was ending my tour, I had a son with the man I was with before I went in the service. I had to part with my son and finish the last six months.

When I got out, I relocated to where my son’s father had moved. We use to live in upstate New York before I went in the military, but while I was away, he relocated to Oklahoma. So when I got out, I relocated to Oklahoma were my son was with his father. Little to my knowledge, my son’s father had found someone new in his life, but he said I could stay with him till I got on my feet. At the time, I felt I had no choice, so for three months I stayed with him. He was gone most of the time, so it was me and my six month old son.

One morning my son’s father left for work. The baby was sleeping, so I decided I wanted to go shopping for some baby clothes. I was in the bathroom curling my hair. It had only been about a minute since he left when I heard the door shut, so I hollered out, “What did you forget?” There was no answer. I yelled out again and still, no answer. As I turned to the bathroom door to look in the hallway, a dark shadow of a man in a long coat and hat, walked past me about two feet away. I watch him walk to the end of hallway and disappear into a closet. I knew I was under a lot a stress, so I thought I was starting to have a break down.

When my son’s father got home that night, I didn't say anything to him about what I saw but when he, again, left us alone that night, the apartment had a very depressing feeling so we went to bed. It was one of the worst nights I can remember. I was having nightmares. I would wake up, soaked from sweat.

The next morning, I got a coffee and was sitting at the dining room table reading the paper. As I sat there, this feeling of despair came over; it felt like the walls were crying and asking me to help. It intensified so much that I opened all the curtains and windows and for a short time, the feeling went away. Slowly it returned so I gather my son and left for the day. When I left the apartment, I felt great.

The next day, I saw the shadow man again, standing in the hall watching me. Then he turned and walked down the hall into the closet. This became an everyday occurrence. When I saw him, I didn't fear him, but there was something else in the apartment that I did fear.

One morning, while watching the news, my son was on the floor with the TV behind him playing with his toys. My son turned his head and was looking up in the direction of the hallway and talking gibberish. I asked, “Who are you talking to?” When he was finished talking this strange talk, he looked down on the floor sitting there, not moving. I asked him, “What are you doing?” After about thirty seconds he lifted his head and stared at me with these fire-glowing eyes. I yelled, “Oh my god, stop, stop!” I was so scared I was on the back of the couch. All of a sudden, he look down and went back to playing.

There was one other time when my son was in his walker while I was doing dishes. As he came into the doorway, I looked over and his eyes were two flaming balls of fire. I went over, pick him up and it stopped.

Anyway, with many of days spent with the shadow man and the walls crying and pleading with me to help, I thought I had a break down. So one night, I sat my son’s father down and told him what's been going on in the apartment for the last two months. He said, “I have someone you would like to talk to.” One of his three girlfriends that he was dating at the same time had spent the night there before I came home from the service. She called into work the next day that she wasn't feeling well and she saw the shadow man. It scared her so bad, she grab the baby and in her pjs, ran out the door and went to her mother’s until my son’s father came home. Well when she told me what happen, I was so relieved knowing then that I wasn't crazy.

But there were other things.

One day, my son’s father had some friends over for wine and cheese. During the get-together and out of the blue, came this smell that was so foul, everyone was gaging. Then, like the flip of a switch, it was gone. I can't describe the smell because it was like nothing I have ever smelled before; it was so sickening that it was unbearable. I finally got my own place and left that apartment and eventually move back to upstate New York.

I will never forget my shadow man. I don't know if he was there to protect me and my son from something evil or if it was him that was evil. When I've told this story, some believe me, some don't, but I know what I saw and experienced.

Jill senior