Subject: Shadow People
From: Name Withheld By Request
Date: Mon, February 26, 2018 9:34 pm
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Couple of stories actually. The first was when I was going to bed one night.

To give a small description, my bed sits next to the heater but not in the corner, giving a foot and a half gap from the bed to the wall. As I lay down with the lights off and eyes closed, I hear a small voice say, “Hey...”. I didn't think anything of it at first, but it came again, slightly louder, “Hey!”. At this point, I'm shaking my head thinking its the problem. Finally, the voice demanded, “Hey, you!” I had enough and said out loud, “What?!?” opening my eyes. There in the gap in between the bed and the wall stood a small humanoid shape with grayish eyes that brightened only slightly towards the pupil. I jumped out of bed, spooked beyond belief and turned on the light switch by my bed in one swift movement. As I did, the shadowy mass or person was gone.

A couple of days later, I hear at the end of my bed in the same voice, “What do you think?” A little less spooked than last time, I try to answer back with, “What do I think about what?” as calmly as I can. I get no response and haven't heard or seen anything in my room since.

The next one happened while on a 24-hour work shift watching sensitive items. Granted, yes, part of it might have been sleep deprivation but I don't think all of it was.

I was standing out back trying to stay awake but thought I'd go lay down for 10 or 15 minutes on the couch in the front of the building. As soon as I step through the doorway where the couch is located, the whole room feels off. (Later, I spoke with those on duty with me and they confirmed the same thing.) But as I stood there trying to find out what was wrong, I noticed something on the edge of my vision near me. I looked right at “it” but it seemed to fade so I looked more at the opposite end of the couch it was sitting on. It looked humanoid; I could make out a head, where the shoulders started, and the start of the legs. Everything else seemed to blend together (i.e. arms and legs).

It sat there seemingly content to just look around the room. I was cautious but mostly unafraid. Taking one hand out of my pocket, I reach for the figure. As soon as my hand made contact, I felt a cold mass. At this point, the figure seemed to notice me, looking first at my face then at the hand I 'placed' on it. I see the arms ‘detach’ from the rest of the mass, looking like it was holding my hand in what looked like wonder. Suddenly, it stood to its feet and looked to charge me. I jump back terrified, placing the hand that seemed to be held in place on the shadowy mass to my chest feeling my thumping heart and using my other hand to brace myself against the wall. I leave for about 10 minutes.

I return to see if I can make contact again. As I stare into the room with the shadowy mass and the couch I see a translucent shadow person take form with what looks like a hat on its head. We stare at one another for a minute or so until I bow in greeting. To my utter shock the shadow person BOWED BACK. We stood there for another minute or so until I retreated to tell the others I was on shift with. While they agreed that the room had a dark vibe to it they didn't see anything like what I did.