From: Elliot
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Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 5:06:23 PM
Subject: Re: Shadow People story incident

The anecdote that I will be telling, didn’t have much importance in my life but it had intrigued me and question aspects of my life since I have discovered what “Shadow People” are. This happened in Chile, Santiago.

I must have probably been 6 or 7 years old when this happened, so it took place around 2007-2008. My age does not bias the story, because until that age and now I have never encountered “paranormal” sightings or stuff like that, neither have I ever dealt with mental issues.

We were having lunch with my family at the living room on a weekend. Everything was as usual, it was a sunny day. I must say that my house has never been haunted and paranormal activities never take place in here.

I remember going to the third floor of my house to bring something, and when I was on my way to the first floor were my family was eating, I saw a black figure in my parents bedroom (that is on the second floor of the house)and I didn’t pay much attention to it and passed the bedroom. As I processed what I saw, still walking, I went back to check what was the black figure. It was a man, a shadow of a man. It was tall and wearing a hat; kind of those cowboy hats that have really long flaps and a long coat, that went until his ankles. It was pitch black and it was a clear silhouette of what I have just described. The man was sideways so I could clearly see his profile.

My mother’s closet was open and this shadow was like "inspecting" it; searching for something in there. As I saw this, I thought it was a thief trying to steal from my mother’s closet, without knowing that it was a shadow, I genuinely thought it was a real man, I screamed while running down the stairs where my family was having lunch: “Dad, Dad! There is someone stealing in your bedroom!” I stayed on the first floor scared of what I had just seen. My dad came down saying that nothing was there and my mother’s closet was intact. I could not believe it. I went upstairs again to see it for myself and in fact, the shadow of the man I had seen a couple of seconds ago was gone. Forever.

Looking back, I never interacted with the shadow, it never looked or talked to me and I didn’t do too. I never actually saw it leave or disappear, so I guess it went quickly with my screams and running footsteps.

It never appeared again and nothing strange has happened since.

We never talked about it again in my family and we all didn’t seem to care.