From: Ashley
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2015 4:51:22 AM
Subject: Shadow People in the Doorway by Ashley

My name is Ashley and I know my story may seem a little odd but it couldn’t be more true. If anything, I toned it down a bit because some things are not as easy to talk about with others. You have my permission to post this on your site. I want others to know what I’ve been through and I want them to know to stop being afraid. If that’s what “they” want, why would you give it to them?

I have had extensive experience with these shadow people in many different forms and many other things as far back as 5 years old.

The first time I remember encountering one was probably the most terrifying. I was up late since I never slept well as a child. Everyone was asleep and it was around midnight. I was watching TV, sitting on the floor by my front door, which I had opened about halfway because it was a nice summer night and we had a glass gated door that was closed. Then I heard a low growling sound. It was so soft at first, that I barely acknowledged it. Then it happened a second time, almost deliberately louder so I would hear it. I turned to look and in the darkness between the door and the wall, I could clearly see bright, glowing, red eyes glaring down on me. When I noticed it, I began to realize the eyes were connected to a large dark body that slowly rose to the ceiling. I saw what looked like a hand grab the side of the door and as soon as I knew that it was about to advance, I ran. I went straight to my parents’ room at the end of the hall and jumped into bed between them. I threw the covers over my head and all I remember afterwards is waking up the next morning. I thought I had a bad dream but I soon realized I was in my parents’ bed still. I got up without waking them and went to check the living room and the door was closed. I know I didn’t close it before so I don’t know what did.

After that, things starting getting weird.

I started seeing a large black figure standing in the door to my bedroom at night as I would try to go to bed. I used to sleep with my door open and the hall light on, so when I would see them, it was clear as day. I would be terrified that it was going to take me away to the point where I started locking my door at night, hoping it would keep them out. Once I did that, the big figure went away and I started seeing much smaller dark shadows crawling across my ceiling. They were almost child-sized but their legs were bent in a weird way that their bodies would stay close to the ground. They would skitter from shadow to shadow and I would watch them through the night. I was not the kind of kid to scream for my parents if I was scared. I wasn’t really afraid of them. They seemed more curious, like they were observing me. I began having night terrors in which I would see the dark large entity trying to attack me in my dreams; almost like he had to find another way to get to me. Sometimes, I would wake up screaming and covered in sweat.

On a side note, I was a very weird child in that I was always experiencing paranormal things, like seeing a small girl I used to play with that my parents would call my “imaginary friend”. However, when people would come over and not believe me that she was real, electronics in my room would start to act weird. Like the volume suddenly turning up on my radio and almost ran my friend out of the house. But she was scared of the shadow beings too, almost like that were keeping her here. I did a lot of research when I was 6, being pretty tech savvy for my age. I learned how I could start controlling my dreams to try and keep them away. I actually had battles in my mind that felt so real, I would wake up with scratches and bruises that I could not have done myself. It seemed the less I gave it that fear it wanted, the weaker it became. It even seemed to consume the smaller black creatures to kind of power up, as weird as that sounds. It seemed persistent. As I got older, no matter where I went, they followed. If I stayed at a friend’s house, they went too. People stopped thinking I was crazy and started taking me seriously. But as I got older, I also got stronger. I learned how to keep them at bay and slowly drive them back. In my mind, I refused to be afraid. I guess he didn’t have the ample amount of energy to feed anymore.

It wasn’t until I was 15 that I guess it was fed up and tried something more drastic. I was lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon trying to take a nap, when I felt a heavy pressure pushing me down. Some might try to say it sleep paralysis, but I wasn’t paralyzed, I was being pinned down. I felt a noticeable pressure on my arms and legs but I could still move and wiggle around. I opened my eyes to see the same large black entity on top of me and it’s hard to describe what it was doing. It felt like it was pulling into the area around my third eye and was trying to suck itself into me. I fought hard for a few moments before I saw it dissolve literally into my body. I jumped up gasping like I hadn’t been breathing the whole time. My boyfriend at the time ran in the room and asked what was wrong and all I would tell him was it felt like something was inside me. I could feel like a darkness was fogging my mind. Things got really weird after that but there’s too much to cover without writing a book about it.

Basically, I felt like I had something that constantly was trying to drag me into bad situations to get what it needed from me. I became a different person at times, angry and violent. I couldn’t really figure out how to control it until I started getting into meditation and deeper studies around 17. At that point, it became a slow process of draining it and weakening it. I had to stay positive because it seemed like I had become addicted to the sadness and pain. I was able to come to terms with what was going on and I would just start to move on with my life like it was never even there. I guess over time, it became so weak that it simply couldn’t influence me the way it wanted. I had awakened my mind and it was nothing more than a deep memory.

I’m 25 now and every now and then I still see them lurking around me but they don’t seem to bother me anymore. I don’t know if they are testing me or trying to get a reaction again but I have lost all fear of them. For some reason though, I still wake up with weird bruises and scratches in ways that don’t make sense and it has recently started happening to my fiancée. I don’t know if it’s because of the added stress in my life now that I have kids that I’m trying to take care of or if it’s trying to redirect its attention to him in hopes of finding what it needs. All I do know is they seem to travel in packs; one as a leader and then the smaller followers. I believe I’m so sensitive to this kind of activity that it makes me like a beacon to them so they keep coming back but as long as I don’t fear them, they don’t bother me anymore.