From: (AA WW)
Subject: Evil Little Creatures
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 03:55:00 -0500

Hi, my name is Alan. I am currently 19 years old. I came across your site seeking some sort of insight and/or reasons why these "Shadow People" are appearing. I have read about 24 stories that have been posted on your site but I still haven't come across any that have the likes of mine. It truly boggles me. But here it is...

I have a couple stories of these creatures to tell. And they are all very different. I will include as many details as I can.

The first time I had an experience, was when I was 16. It was about 3:45am in the morning. I know this because my clock was directly to the left side of my bed. I was watching something on Adult Swim, and the show went off, so I then decided to go to sleep. I had muted my TV, and I looked at my clock which said 3:45, then I rolled over to lay on my right side. My comforter was half covering my body. I was sleeping in my boxers so I didn't have a shirt on. The covers were resting at my waist as I rolled over. I was almost asleep, because I remember my mind starting to wander. All of the sudden I felt a large hand on my back. The palm of the hand started right above my butt and the fingers ended right below my neck. I couldn't decipher how many fingers it had. But it must have been at least 4. Soon after feeling the hand, I turned over, and this thing... It was crazy looking'. I couldn't tell you how tall it was, cuz it kind of broke out of its formation when I made eye contact with it. First, I saw a black thing, but only for a split second, then, like I said it broke its formation and kind of whirled backwards and disappeared but the whirling wasn't like clockwise or counterclockwise, it was just kind of like whirls within themselves; overlapping and such.

After I had seen this creature I just stared straight up at my ceiling, remembering how evil its hand felt. I didn't feel just a hand, it was a hand accompanied by an outrageous evil feeling. I was completely unnerved. Being of the Christian religion, I couldn't and still can't imagine why it happened to me, ya know? Evil is the last thing that I want around me...let alone, touching me!

That was the last time it ever touched me but the second creature I saw, was at my aunt’s house when I was 18.

My cousins and I had been playing video games and watching movies all day. At about 12:30 am, we decided to call it a night. They all went into their separate rooms and I was going to sleep on the living room couch. By this time, my aunt and uncle were already asleep. I was smoking a cig and watching TV. The lights were all off. The only light was coming from the TV. Laying down, I had to look over my left shoulder to watch the television. I had stood up to put out my cig on a near by ashtray. I was bending over to put it out, then stood back straight up again. When at that very moment, I felt something in the air; something strange, heavy, and unseen. I wasn't at all freaked out really, just the uneasiness of the air made me unsettled. So, I lay back down and started flipping through the channels trying to find something on TV to watch, stopping on a couple channels here and there. By this time the eerie heaviness of the air went away. Still flipping through the channels, I stopped on the TBS channel. I started watching a Jackie Chan movie. Thirty minutes into the movie, it was now 1:04am on the dot, the feeling came back, only a little heavier. I tried to ignore it at first, and kept watching Jackie kicking some ass.

I started to forget about the feeling, getting into the movie and all. Then, starting at the left side of the TV and moving to the right of it, was a small extremely dark, 3 foot creature. It moved from the left to the right. It moved along, what I would say, to be at least an 8 1/2 foot area. The thing is, I saw no eyes, no arms and no legs; just pure blackness. At this point, you are probably questioning yourselves what I had saw. Thinking I was dreaming, hallucinating, etc…but here is something that makes you think otherwise. When it moved in front of the TV, I couldn't see any light from the TV passing through it. So, it wasn't transparent. It was as if the light got ‘absorbed by the darkness itself’. It looked like it was hovering only an inch or two off the floor. By the way, the floor is wooden and when somebody walks on it, even the household Chihuahua causes the wood to creak. The floor made absolutely no sound. Neither did this creature. Just passing through I guess. But as it got to the end of the path it disappeared. I quickly grabbed a cigarette to calm myself down. Then shortly after, I went to sleep…never seen another one since. (In that house.)

The most recent and last of all these occurrences was two weeks ago. That is what leads me to my internet search of these so called "Shadow People". I choose not to call them people, simply because through all of my experiences, they don't resemble people or act like a sane or human in any way. So, I in turn, call them "Shadow Creatures'. But this last experience holds the main reason why I don't call them Shadow people. And you will soon find out just why.

This is three years after my first experience. And I'd definitely label it : The Worst. I live in a different house since the first experience. So, I never actually thought I would have to deal with this again. I guess I should have known, considering I saw one in my aunt’s house. This one took place in plain daylight, at 2:56pm and in my bed room. This is definitely an experience to remember. This one takes the cake, as a matter of a fact... I'm pretty sure it takes the whole damn bakery. This is by far the strangest.

Like I said....almost 3pm, I'm in my room, jamming out to some music. After I am done listening to it, I turn my radio off. Grab my chair and start playing on my computer. My window is (if I’m looking at my screen) just to the left of me. I got a good view of my back yard. My back yard is just a small patch of woods about one acre all together. But I don't own it. All of my neighbors share these woods as their back yards as well. But I am playing Star Craft online, and I got done blowing the crap out of one of my buddies and I go to open my window to let some of the cool air in.

So, the first thing I do, while still in my chair is look at the window. As I am doing this, outside at the edge or beginning of the woods, I see another shadow creature. But this one is at least 5 feet tall not short like all the rest. Even I am still taller than this little bastard. As I am staring at him, I notice two beady little eyes, not yet distinct in color, cuz it was too far away at this time. We just stare at each other for about 5 minutes. I even got out of my chair and got on my knees by the window to get a better look. From my window he was about 45 feet away. I didn't feel an uneasy feeling per say... but I not only saw its presence but definitely felt it. Not in my room though.

Five minutes of this "staring contest" goes by, because I had looked at my watch, to see how long this had been going on. I looked back up and he slowly moved closer to the window. At about 15 feet away from my still closed window, I stood up and slowly moved backwards towards my portable torch. It is used, not for welding, but rather for burning certain materials, mostly just a burnt cut tool. I have a 9mm Beretta Semi-Auto, but I figured a gun would just go through the damn thing. So, I figured I might have a chance of scaring it off with just a burst of fire, to frighten it. Before I backed up to it, still keeping my eyes on the creature, it had moved all the way up to my window. I grabbed the torch, held it in a "ready" position. But here’s one of the weird parts; it didn't just simply move through the window from the outside to get in. It vanished, then quickly appeared on the inside of my room.

Now, with my window to its back, it started making a growling-like noise. Then, I looked down to turn the gas knob on and spark it but when I looked up, the thing was in my face. We were now eye to eye. I was stunned. I couldn't light my torch. It wasn't touching me, it was just grilling me like a damn maniac. I could see a slight little slit for a mouth, but all I could look at were its eyes. They turned from red to black, just constantly changing colors, But not like a sudden change more of a fading into one another change. After I had noticed that, I really couldn't move. (This started at 3pm, so just remember that, the time plays an important part.) It started growling again which scared me even more. I started praying that I would be kept safe and that it would go away. It stayed in my face for what seemed like an eternity. But in reality, it was only for about 2 or 3 minutes. And when I say it was it my face, I mean I could stick my tongue out and lick it! But I was still so scared and petrified I couldn't even blink. It was almost as if it was viewing my life and fears through my eyes.

It then backed off to about 6 feet in front of me. Then it just continued to growl. So, I just stood there, not knowing what to do. At this point, I didn't want to provoke it with my torch so I dropped it, fearing for my life. Then it moved to the right. So, I turned and faced it again. It just wasn't doing anything but staring at me. So, I gathered the courage and strength to punch it. To my surprise, my hand didn't go through it. My fist landed right between is devilish eyes. The creature groaned and pushed me down without touching me, some sort of weird force. Then it rose to the ceiling and watched me get up. When I did, it came back down and said these very words to me which I will never forget. It said: "You see me but I see IN you. You...can't...seeeee." Then it disappeared. I started crying... Yes, a 19 year old man crying. You would too after this bullcrap. I looked at my watch and it read 19:23pm, which is 7:23pm; 4 hours and 23 minutes, exactly when the creature left my room. But it only felt like 15 minutes, or 20 max.

This is the strangest part. I know for a fact that it hadn’t been that long. Somehow, the presence of this creature, fast-forwarded time. That is why I say, I still haven't come across a story like mine. I am completely baffled and lost and confused. If anyone can offer some insight or answers for these creatures, I give you permission to contact me via e-mail.

After that, two weeks ago I am still very uneasy being in my house I can barely even sleep. I haven't seen anything since but that was only two weeks ago.

Feel free to post this on your site. I would actually like you to so that the readers can help me if they can. All I ask is that you don't chop and screw my story because I told it with full detail and exactly how it happened and how I remember it. I know it's kind of lengthy though. I have three stories on here. But thanks for reading. And the owner or whoever reads these and posts these feel free to contact me with questions or comments as well. Thank you.