name withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, May 4, 2015 3:55:44 PM
Subject: shadow people talk to me

Ever since I was born, I could see shadow people, auras, talk to animals, see the future, etc. Once, when I was 5, I was looking out my window into the street. A boy was there bouncing a basketball when a car came speeding down the street and killed him. The car kept going into the house in front of it and then the car and boy disappeared. After that, I've non-stop seen shadow people. I only just saw them till I was about 9. Then, if I wanted to, I could see the color and pattern of their clothes, color of their skin, hairstyle, etc., like I was looking at a normal person.

Now, you probably doubt that I really see shadow people like this since you normally see them as shadows with nothing but their eyes to see. I know I'm seeing shadow people because once I look at them, they disappear and most of the time, I see them out of the corner of my eye. Also, I can only see them as shadows at night (they normally hang around my room). I think this is when they are the strongest. They let me stare at them at night and talk to them.

I've met all kinds of shadow people. Good and bad alike. I can summon them in my backyard (I think they like areas with water the most since most of them come easiest when I'm by my pond). One time, I summoned about 15 shadow people and 3 blue ghosts. However, I let one shadow get out of my field of vision. He snuck up on my from behind and held a knife to my neck and told me something I can't remember, but I do remember he was asking for something. After a while, they all walked off in separate ways, back to where they came from.

On a different day, it was 10:45 pm as I laid in bed. I couldn't go to sleep, in fact, I was wide awake. A big man's shadow came on top of me and pushed all the air out of my lungs. Then he said, "Boo," jokingly in a very deep, evil voice and then I fell asleep.

Since then, I've been able to have conversations with shadow people. For example, I summoned 5 of them and we got to know each other. There's Sheila, a 20 year old woman who...sorry, she doesn't want to be spoken about. Well, next is Josh who is the tough kinda guy, but friendly...a bit of "a jock," he says he is. Then, my best friend, Jake. He's wonderful, a sweetheart, but he's sensitive. However, he stays with me everywhere I go and protects me. Sheila and the others protect me too, but they don't hang around much, only in the summer.

When I talk to shadow people, it’s usually an exchange of sentences rather than an actual conversation. Most of the time, bad ones talk to me so it is usually along the lines of, "Please get the knife off my neck," and they'll respond with a request for something, so in return, I scare them off by making a loud noise (shadow people are scared of loud noises) or making a huge white light which they run away from.

When talking to the nicer ones, it’s usually just normal friend things like, "How are you?" (That's what the shadow person would say). They know not to mess with me because they seem to feel I have a huge power, even the ghosts and other psychics feel that way about me. When I summon shadow people and the blue ghosts, the two don't interact with each other, I'm not sure if they see each other or if they just don't care about each other.

Also, I believe shadows have their own dimension and we are just over lapping it. I believe this because not only do I see shadow people, but I see shadow insects, birds, reptiles, animals, etc. However, I haven't seen any shadow buildings which leads me to believe they don't have the technology to build like we do and most likely, they live in a jungle.

Well, that's all I really have to say, sorry it’s so long. Hope it helps!