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Subject: 'Watcher' Shadow Person

Hello there I saw this page when I was looking for possible answers when looking up "Shadow People". So this looked very good and I started reading so that’s when I decided to go and tell you my story.

I was at my dad’s in the summer of 08' when 'Watcher' [ that’s the name I have given him ] started to appear in the corner of my eye late at night around 3am and I dismissed it but I have been known to see ghost when I'm with my mom. So when I looked over there he would be gone and then I felt a rush of something cold go passed me and I would start to breathe heavy and shiver. It happened multiple times in one night and I couldn't take it.

When I would go to the bathroom, which everything happened up stairs never down stairs, I would look around for him and there he was. He would lay on the ceiling and look at me sorta of almost in a attack stance then laying I suppose and he would just stay there and I would get cold and my hair on my arms went up. I washed my face thinking this can't be true and would walk down the short hallway and with a quick glance, he wouldn’t be there, but I knew he was.

So with that happening every night, he started to get more physical, and I could hear him walk behind me and him not be there when I turn around, so I would listen to my ipod to get the noises away. So I’m sitting there listening to my ipod and reading my book to keep me thinking about other stuff than 'Watcher' until something tapped, and I got the cold rush again but with nerve shaking this time. So I just laid on the bed trying to soak it in and try to fall a sleep but with all the lights on. But with even that I couldn't even sleep and feel secure. Later that night, I’m still trying to sleep, but when he tapped me and I turned around fast, I couldn’t see him… then my lamp flew across the room.

So a question... Can they do that? Can they move stuff?

And yesterday which was 3/10/9; I was with a teacher and she was driving me home when my seat belt started to tighten up. I couldn't breathe and that same touch, but it was on my leg, and then it was gone ina cold rush. And well today, 3/11/09 I heard a man scream “Help” in my ear and yet again a cold rush!

Can they follow you? It kinda freaks me out...

And my mom has the same thing so has one sister. They know I don’t lie about this stuff!


PS. You can use my email and name I would love feed back and hopefully my questions answered! Thanks for reading and sorry if to long!

The Shadow at Thrush Lane
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On: Mar 03/11/09 9:10 PM

Hallo again! I was thinking of when I was back in my house in Thrush Lane and remembering what happened when I saw the solider walked by but that’s not the shadow that made me cry and never go out in the back again.

All I can remember is I felt like something was watching me through the sliding glass door but my dogs never made a sound since that is where they slept. So I held it off for a couple of mins until I heard something crash and still no noise from my dogs, so I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me...

But that’s when he appeared and I was watching the sliding glass door. He held my glance until I broke off and started shaking and I went cold. So this is what I do...

I start crawling on the floor [ I was 11 when that happened and I’m 13 now! ] and I held my cell phone out so that was the only light out there and that’s when I saw him walk across the pool table. I couldn't scream or anything I was too terrified. But I did run up stairs and I ran into my sister’s room who was with her boyfriend and he saw me and asked what was wrong. I told him what happened and he went down stairs with her long behind knife [his dad taught him how to fight and he has been doing that ever since] and he goes in there and checks and comes out and said he sees nothing but that’s when I saw him walk behind my sisters boyfriend and he looked at me with per icing red eyes....

I feel like as I right this someone is watching me. And I’m not lying. This stuff is not funny at all and can be very scary.

- Caitlin

PS. Feel free to use my name and me thingie XD
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