From: Lucy
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: shadow people
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 11:59:26 +0000

Hi my name is Lucy I am 19 years old and have recently discovered what the shadow shapes I have witnessed three times in my life actually were. I looked it up one day and come across your website and the description on your website matched the shadow person like shape in which has terrified me three different times in my life.

I often read peoples experiences of the paranormal with a kind of sceptic point of view, I even was in denial of what I had actually seen with my own eyes until I matched what I had seen with what other people have seen on this website, and to be honest, its quite nice to know that I am not the only one.

The first time I saw a shadow person was when I was about 8 or 9, I was sharing a room with my sister and I often stayed up at night even though I should have been going to sleep for school. I remember one night I was sat up on my bed watching my hamster in its cage, I then noticed this shape, it seemed to me to look like a hunched figure, slowly drifting across my room into the wall, which led to my brother’s room. I remember being scared and wondering if it was after my brother, as I couldn't quite understand what I had seen.

The second time was at my new house. I was in year 9 in secondary school and my encounter as a child was forgotten but what I saw triggered that memory of when I was younger, to rise to the surface. I saw a shadow figure really tall and lanky; it looked as though it was holding something in the doorway of my bedroom I remember trying to scream, but no sound could escape, and it seemed to vanish.

The third time was only two years ago and was undoubtedly the scariest of them all. I had moved on from my past encounters with a kind of denial of what I had seen. This time I was half asleep but awake enough to know that what I had seen was not a dream or a half-awake delusion. I sensed something behind me as I faced the wall, as I lay in bed. I turned and saw this figure standing over my bed. I screamed this time, a hoarse kind of squeak. My mum had heard me in the other bedroom. When I told her what had startled me, she did not believe what I described. I then described the other times I had seen these figures.

I always wonder why “I” had seen them, out of everyone in my house, and at times, I doubt myself, but I am sure what I had seen was not a figment of my imagination. I know I am not crazy; the only explanation I have fits the shadow people described on this website. I am glad I could share my experiences and I want to give you my word that I truly experienced what I have described and hope other sceptics out there might be able to believe what I say.

Sincerely, Lucy