From: Angela
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Subject: this is it. from angela/sstonevenuss

When I was in the 4th grade, My 2 brothers and I went to stay at my grandma's house for 2 weeks. I was alone in the house. In the kitchen I thought I saw something run past the window over the sink. It was dark so I thought it was my brother, he has dark curly hair. I watched out the sliding door of the dining room, but he did not pass by. I saw it run past the sliding door across the patio and around the house. It was dark from head to toe...I knew it wasn't my brother. I went outside, just like a horror movie and you're screaming..."don't go out there!!!" There was no way out of the back yard, but there was no one there.

I went to the hall closet to get the vacuum and when I opened the door, it was standing right there in front of me. I could see that the hangers were displaced. They were sticking up around its shoulders as he was leaning up against them, so they were all pushed up. In about 3 seconds, it disappeared and the hangers all came swinging down.

While upstairs, I heard a knock in the laundry chute, so I opened the door and stuck my head in (another horror movie moment) and looked down, all dark. I went down to the bottom level of the house and as I passed the hall to the laundry, I saw that the laundry chute was open, thus when I had looked in, I should have seen the light of day from downstairs. Was that thing in there, or had it opened the door? Or left it open when it got out? The banging noise did come from inside the chute.

The next time I came down the stairs to the bottom level, as I passed the hall to the laundry, it was standing in the doorway, leaning up against the wall on its left side/shoulder. I froze facing it…like 4 inches from it… face to black solid featureless face. I just thought to myself that ‘I’ was God's creation, and if ‘it’ wasn't one too, it wouldn't let me touch it. So, I tried to lift my hand to touch it and I couldn't move. It took every ounce of will and strength I had, to barely be able to turn my fingers up. It was like they weighed 2000 pounds. It disappeared the instant I nearly got my fingers up to it. That told me this thing was not God's creature, and I was alone in the house with it. And, it could paralyze me.

Keep in mind that even as a child of 9, I was very experienced in any number of weird things happening, but this was the biggie. I acted as if I was not afraid, and started vacuuming the game room. I got the sensation that I was being watched...duh...and saw the wall to wall curtains ruffle as if someone had run their hand all along them while running by. as I turned to follow the movement, just as it got to the other end, The black thing was standing behind the pool table leaning up against the wall with its arms folded...each time I saw it, the arms were always folded. I was shocked that it didn't disappear. It was there, I was there, staring at each other for like 3 minutes...long time, no kidding. I recited out loud the lords prayer, didn't work, and by the way, I never memorized it, or knew that I knew it...then John 3:16...For God so loved the world... It was gone as soon as I said "God".

It followed me up the street that evening when I went to get my brothers from a friend’s house to come home for dinner, walking behind bushes and cars, all the time visible and moving.

That night when everybody was home, I was playing on the stairs with my brothers...It was at the top of the stairs I was sliding down, upside down on my back. When I got to the bottom, it was standing with its toes practically in my ear, leaning up against the wall on its shoulder looking down at me. I asked my brothers if they saw anything standing next to me. They all said no...It was still there. Max started to panic and cry and scream and my dad came in. I tried to tell him...but of course there are no such things...and I got in trouble for freaking him out.

It was solid, not see-though, black, no surface details whatsoever, except the edges were furry like an old teddy bear with little tufts of fur sticking out form head to toe.

Fifteen years family finally admits that they all saw it. My dad shot at it half a dozen times, chasing it out of our house. He and my step mom saw it with red glowing eyes, pacing back and forth outside of our living room windows...I never saw the eyes. My brother admitted seeing it on the stairs that night at my grandparent’s house where it all started.

A few weeks later back at home, this happened right after church where I had just told the pastor, and he "prayed" over me about it:

I was sitting on the end of my bed, wide awake about noon on a Sunday after church. I would ALWAYS get a migraine the instant our car pulled off the church grounds onto the public road. I went home, sat on my bed, and it started to shake back and forth. I got bigger and bigger, till it was banging hard against the wall. I looked up and saw a black furry ball about 3 feet wide form in the ceiling corner of my room. It moved to the opposite corner and disappeared, then everything on the shelves it had just passed all along the wall started to shake then fly straight across the ceiling to the opposite wall. I went screaming through the house "there's an earthquake in my room!" I was hysterical, my step mom was on the phone with my grandma...she yelled at me to shut up, I told her repeatedly there was an earthquake in my room. She said "you're kidding!" I said, “No!" She yelled shut up again and told me there was an earthquake at my gran's house just then, and then it hit the rest of our gran's house is more than 2 hours from ours. When we all calmed down and she got off the phone she came to look at my room. Nothing else in our house was moved. My room looked like a tornado went through it, but hat happened before the earthquake hit. The black thing did it. She got very angry at me and told me not to come out till I had cleaned it al up and shut me in there with the black thing. She refused to admit that I had told her about the earthquake in my room before gran had told her one just hit, then we felt it.

It played lots of games, turning things off and on, opening and shutting doors etc. One time it pushed a full gallon if milk 3 feet across the counter to the edge of the sink, then it turned 90 degrees and pushed it to the edge of the counter another 2 feet.

I was 18, my friend and I had just sat down to watch TV one day after school, and I saw the thing run up the hall...

Over time, it had reduced in size and changed shape. (I believe it had released negative energy after being around me so long, and had grown smaller as a result, or had lost the energy to show itself in full human size, so it chose to appear as smaller creatures) just a theory.

So, I had told this friend all about the stuff I’d seen etc, and had always assumed he believed me.

When the thing ran up the hall he saw it and literally levitated off the couch and landed cowering behind it.

"What the @%^$*(& was that?!" he screamed like a little girl. I just looked at him like, duh, what do you think? “That’s the thing!” He never came back.

By this time it was big like a small dog or really big cat, but shaped like a rat, or maybe an opossum. It ran up the hall towards us, stopped sat up on its hind legs then turned and ran back down the hall. We went to see where it could have been, as he did not believe it still. There was absolutely no place it could have gone. Every door was shut, and even though a rat or mouse can squeeze under a door, there is no way a 20 lbs cat can. He was convinced. I never really saw it for sure after that, but got the feeling it was around then saw a big raven or crow...and felt good about it flying away, like it had found a way home.

Just this past month, I saw one in the doorway of my kid's room. It appeared to be entering the room and had its head turned toward me looking over its shoulder. I moved 2 feet into the room and disappeared. This was in the middle of the night, and it completely blocked the light from the radio and humidifier.

A week or so later, my 2 year old followed one from the kitchen through the pantry and into the office. She insisted that "Daddy" was home and showed me where she saw him... Here and here and here etc, through the three rooms, like that, she said and pointed to a dark shadow up near the ceiling over a high shelf. Lovely.

From: Angela
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, November 7, 2008 3:44:12 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Out of Body Experience with shadow person

I was asleep in the early am, I remember hearing my host getting ready for work then leaving and locking the front door. Somewhere between wanting to go back to sleep and actually being asleep, I became suddenly aware that I was no longer alone in the house. I opened my eyes just in time to see a dark figure pull back into the hall from the view of my door. I panicked and sat up. As I sat up, I felt as if I had passed through a tight film. I looked down at the pillow and saw my body lying there asleep. I realized that when I had opened my eyes and saw the entity, I had actually opened my astral body's eyes, not my real eyes.

I wanted to wake myself up, so I lay back down and started to rock back and forth, passing in and out of my body through that thick, tight film. The instant I laid back down, I was struck with fear and panicked again when the entity came back into the room. I sat up again, noticing that when I separated from my body, the fear vanished and I felt completely at peace and in control, then the entity would retreat back into the hall. I lay back down again and tried to shake myself awake. This process repeated itself 3 or 4 times until the entity got so close I jumped right up out of the bed and my body.

I expanded to about 3 times my normal size, same shape. My view was from closer to the ceiling, my arms and legs were longer, hands larger, over all, bigger. My vision was a sight so perfect, it cannot be described, I could hear the steps of insects, and the sound of the breeze on individual blades of grass.

I followed the entity down the hall, while saying things like, I am of the light, If you are not, you must leave, there is no darkness here, there is no negativity here, we have no drains for positive energy, light and love to leak out, You can choose to be of the light or you must not be here. My voice did not generate from my throat and come out of my mouth, it came forth from all around me, as far as infinity can reach and manifested through me.

I followed the entity around the living room and we ended up at the front door. I actually unlocked and opened the door. The knob felt small in my huge hand. As I opened the door, the entity passed through and I closed the door behind it.

I stood there and contemplated the fact that I had just opened a door without my body. Then, I remembered my body.

I went back into the room and stood beside the bed. I looked down at this little defenseless creature and thought "what an incredible machine" What a gift...then I thought, no, the gift is the life I live in that little biological computer. Then I thought, no..


The choice to choose this life, the free will to BE, anything, anywhere, anytime!!!!

I thought about all the options I could choose at that moment, to be someone else, something else, somewhere else, to create something altogether new and go there and experience it in anyway I chose!

I thought about the pain I would cause when my family discovered I had died in my sleep at 28. I thought about the family I had always wanted and had not had yet, I thought about that one special person I would find someday to have all of that with...

I chose again. I chose to finish what I had started. I knew there was infinite time to choose again later, when I was done here.

I chose to remember everything about that experience, as it changed me forever. I chose to live the ultimate life I came here to have, with every breath, Live.

As I sat on the bed and started to lie back down, I thought about how uncomfortable it was to be crammed into such a small place, but I knew I would not be aware of that when it happened.

I laid down, passed through the film and I was completely awake and aware in real time.

* There was no differentiation whatsoever from my OBE sight to my physical body's sight. No blink, no instant between one and the other. They were one and the same; there was no interruption of sight at all.