Email Craig
Sent: Sunday, September 7, 2014 3:27:43 AM
Subject: My shadow person

Hi my name is Craig Smith. My shadow person experience has been unpredictable for the most part. I moved in with my fiancé and her dad and a friend of her dad's about 10 months ago. I started seeing the shadow person immediately.

Before I go any further, yes we have animals and no, I wasn't mistaken the shadow for an animal.

I would see it out of the corner of my eye through the glass door in the den only at night and only when I was home alone. This continued for about 2 months nightly. I finally got a decent look at it one night. I saw it cross the door way and I could see an arm, a leg and part of torso all black, blacker than the dark background of the den.

One night my fiancé, her mom, her dad, and I went ghost hunting. At our last stop, my fiancé and her mom went back to the car because if an unnerving feeling. Her dad and I pick up 2 EVPs, one said, “Truck”, right as a truck was coming down the road. The other was about 5 minutes later; it said, “Leave now”. We were done at that point and went back to the car.

My fiancé and her mom said they could see a shadowy object cloaked over her dad's back as if it was holding on to him. At that time, we all prayed as a group and you could immediately feel a sense of released tension in the car. I did not see the shadow person again for months, until last weekend.

I was in my room, laying down for bed. The bathroom light was shining under the door. Let me be clear, my fiancé’s dad is a big guy and sounds like an elephant coming down the hall. It was about 2 a.m., nobody was home but my fiancé’s dad and I. All the animals were put up except my dog which was on the bed with me.

I saw something walk across the door way to the dark room on the other end of the hall which is a spare room nobody stays in. Then it walked back across. I got up to see what it was because I heard footsteps with it and it was her dad. I didn't know what it was at first but it did not creep me out. About 15 min later I saw something dart across the hall into the spare room, then come back to the doorway and kind of shuffled back and forth in front of the doorway for what felt like forever, then it darted back into the dark spare room and I didn't see it again.

All that time it was there I never heard a sound, you could hear no footsteps, nothing. I was frozen in terror when it shuffled at the door way and when it disappeared into the other room not to return I knew what it was. I even asked her dad the next day if he had cane back down the hall that night, though I already knew he hadn't I just wanted to be sure. He said it didn't come back down the hall and at that moment an unnerving. Feeling came over me and i tried to shrug it off but it took a while.

I've had no experiences in the last few days but I try not to be home alone at night anymore.

I live in Georgia which I know is rich in history with ghosts and that's what people keep saying it is. But I know better, I am a religious man. I do believe in the paranormal and all ways have. I know this isn't just a spirit, it's a shadow person. At least my knowledge that's how it appears.

I'm not the only one in the house to have seen it we all have I'm just last one to see it in the past few months. They think it's gone but I know better, and as terrifying as it is, I just hope it is a shadow person and not something more malevolent. I don't scare easy but my greatest fear is something that I can’t physically protect myself or loved ones from. I think this thing knows that and that's why it scares me so much. If anybody has any advice I'm open to all.