Subject: Sheridan, WY
Date: 9/3/2007 2:28:54 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: name withheld by request
The Official Shadow People Archives


It was several years ago while listening to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell that I was shocked and totally creeped out to hear that other people have had experiences with Shadow People. Now I find this website, and am reminded again of my own experience. Let me preface this with the fact that I identify as an atheist and a skeptic. I could have been dreaming while awake, though who knows what is possible? But here goes...

The summer I was almost seven years old (1980), my family and I took a trip across the country from Oregon to Washington, D.C., and back. On the return trip, very early one morning about sunrise, we drove through Sheridan, Wyoming, on the highway. I had woken up about ten minutes before we came into town, and was enjoying the feel of a very early morning and looking around at the tall evergreens as we approached the town.

I remember seeing simple houses on either side of me through the side windows of the van, and thought I saw someone out splitting wood with a hammer and maul. I was surprised, because it was so early in the morning for splitting wood.

Then I moved to look out the back windows of the van. I noticed a female behind him, hanging laundry on the line. Then I saw more on the other side of the highway near and inbetween the houses, some with tools, some just walking down the road or around a house, some communicating with each other. Like a hardworking, close-knit small town community from the 1940s or even before then.

They didn't have any clear features, but just the suggestion of clothing or expression. They were all a medium grey color, and I remember they had hands shaped like mitts. No discernible fingers, but a thumb. Their tools were lacking in detail, as well, but it was obvious what was a shovel and an axe, a broom or mallet.

As we drove through town, one by one, each turned toward our van as if curious at first, then alarmed. They stopped what they were doing, and gathered in the middle of the road in a huddle, as if conferring with each other for a moment. The group (at least a dozen, probably more like twenty or so) then turned toward us and began to follow on the road, some with their tools still in their hands. They began to run after the van. I was afraid they would catch up to us, since they were obviously becoming agitated and somewhat menacing. I was afraid, but didn't get the feeling they would really do anything. Like they were more bark than bite. But I still didn't want them to catch us!

They were gaining on us, and were no farther than twenty feet behind the van when we reached the edge of town and Dad sped up his driving. They all stopped at that point, a phalanx of shadow figures standing across the road, brandishing their tools. It's as if they couldn't step beyond the city limits and wanted to make sure we didn't turn back. I remember tall evergreens flanking either side of the road again, and relievedly watching that group of shadow people just standing there and getting smaller and smaller as we drove away.

I don't think any of my family noticed anything. At least I don't remember what I may have said at the time, either, but I'll never forget it!

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