From: "Lupis Varg"
Subject: My Curious Little Shadowgirl
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:01:35 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Came by your site, and was compelled to mail you my experiences with a shadow person. Feel free to post this.

I began to get an interest in this subject after the numerous sightings of my 'shadow girl'. After seeing your website, I thought it would be cool to share my story.

My name is Vember Judgement (Given Name Christopher Baez), and I'm currently involved in writing various comic books. Although I always felt I had some sort of connection to the spirit world throughout my early years, I never really had any paranormal experiences. That was until about a few years ago.

I was in my late teens, and my mother had decided to leave the apartment I grew up in to another part of the Bronx, NY. After we moved in to our new place, I had immediately sensed something was there. The first few years though, I never saw anything. That was until I got my first computer. That's when I started to see my 'shadow girl'.

My computer is set up next to a window in the kitchen, and I usually can be found there on my days off, writing away furiously during the wee hours. I usually would write with the lights on, as I would have a ton of written material around me to reference from. Things went fine the first few months, until my first encounter.

I was wrapping up an issue of a comic when I saw a small black shadow mist-like figure at the corner of my eye, literally a few feet from where I was sitting. I turned to look, but then nothing was there. Now, I'm not the type of guy who usually gets freaked out, but my ass went strait to bed afterwards. There was no denying that I saw something. But after a few more encounters, I started to really get a hold of what, or who, it was.

At first, I kept my encounters with this shadow being, until one faithful night when I wasn't the only person to see it. My then girlfriend at the time was hogging up the computer, and I had decided to watch some TV. Later that night, she got really freaked out by something. When she told me what she saw, I realized she saw my shadow person too. I felt a bit joyous, though the incident kept her away from my place during the nighttime hours since.

Anyway, I began to get used to seeing the figure, at times even seeing it pass by the kitchen doorway. I began to label my shadow person 'shadow girl', because I felt a female presence about it, and it seemed to have a child-like curiosity over what I was writing. Most of the times she showed up was over my shoulder.

Incidentally, the comic I was writing about involved ghosts and mares.

Not that I wanted her to go away, I started to write by candlelight, using those religious kinds. Since I started using those, she no longer shows up. Though I kind of miss her, I know she's still around; there has been some unexplained countertop 'knocking' in my kitchen for the past 9 months. Everyone in the apartment has heard it, yet we can't find out where it's coming from. It only happens when no one is in there, and it sounds like a cup being placed on the countertop by someone.

Maybe it's my shadow girl, angry with me?

I'll soon be getting the comic I was writing during these encounters published this year. You better believe I'll be telling people about my shadow girl. Might even dedicate it after her.

She did have a part during its creation, after all.