From: anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, July 6, 2016 10:51:15 AM
Subject: Shadow Person submission

I’ve experienced “out of the ordinary” things before. I owned a house in the high desert of California that was “occupied” by something, but had never actually, literally SEEN something… until the spring of 1989, in Japan.

I moved to Japan in 1986 for work, and still live here today. The city I live in is Matsumoto. It’s a very old historic city. One of the oldest original moated castles in Japan is walking distance from my house. I am a craftsman/ engineer/ consultant. My name is fairly well known worldwide in my field.

In 1989 my Japanese wife and I were living in an apartment. It had a dining room/kitchen, flanked on either end by one bedroom and the living room. My experiences seem to be out of the norm in some ways, when compared to the stories I have read.

The first meeting took place on a Sunday, (I know this because I was off work but my wife worked Sundays). It was about lunchtime, during the middle of the day. I was in the kitchen, facing the kitchen sink. I turned around and about six feet directly in front of me, standing in the middle of the room, motionless, was a full figure of a man dressed in full Samurai armor, including the very distinctive Samurai helmet. But, he was nothing but a black smoky mass. The shape was clear and distinct, but the details were not. He had no facial features, but he was staring directly at me, totally motionless. I felt no threat, I was not in fear, but you can believe all my senses were on overload alert. We both stood there for what seemed a long time, but it was probably about a minute and a half. Both of us staring at each other, finally I moved a step to my right just to see what would happen. I wasn’t about to move closer! It didn’t seem to move but was still facing me directly. I continued to stare at him for about another minute. Finally, I turned around, facing away from him and turned again to face him. He had gone.

At the time this happened I had never heard of shadow figures. I never mentioned this to my wife, until about two months ago. She never experienced anything in the apartment.

The event was soon filed in my memory, and out of my immediate thought.

Then about three months later, again on a weekend when I had a day off by myself; again during early afternoon daylight, again in the same dining room; I turned around and this time the same Samurai warrior was what fits the definition “in my face”! When I turned around we were facing each other and there was about 16 inches between us. I froze in place motionless. We were virtually face to face, except his face was just a smoky blackness with no features, as the last time. This was a definite escalation in the confrontation compared to the first time, but in spite of the unsettling effect of being face to face with this entity, again I felt no ill will coming from it. I was shaken but felt no “fear”. To be clear, this was again in the middle of the day and again we were standing facing each other in the middle of the room. I stood motionless facing my “guest” for maybe less time than the first encounter. I think it was about one minute this time. The close proximity was much more unsettling than having five or six feet between us like the first encounter. He was motionless but not in an inanimate way, like a picture or image. He was motionless but there was “life” standing face to face with me. He was silent but aware. Having studied the subject in the passing years I now label him in the “watcher” category of shadow people.

While I read a lot of debate on what these might be and might not be, I am convinced totally that my encounter was with an entity from the past that was at one time someone who walked among people, in other words, something that fits the definition of a ghost.

A few months after the second encounter my wife and I bought a house a few blocks away from this apartment, and I have never encountered my visitor again.