Formerly titled: Invisible Roommate

From: Clif
Subject: shadow man
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 10:49:55 -0800 (PST)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I feel a bit odd telling this one, but here goes...

My name is Clif and I now live in Atlanta. I grew up at 1481 Fox Street in Memphis, TN. The house I grew up in was built kind of circular style. You will have to see it to get it but I will describe to the best of my ability and this description is important.

When you see the house, it is very small but there are steps that go up; I think there were five. As you go into the house, there is the living room and to the right the dining room. After the dining room is the kitchen and immediately is the den. The den leads to the back yard but to the left goes off to the side as a half bath. Continuing the circular design after the den was my bed room and then it runs into a hallway that is the center of the house. Separated by a wall is the full bath. The opposite way of that hallway (very short) is my folk’s master bedroom.

On to the story.

When I was about 7-9 years of age, my mother instructed me to go to bed. I hardly ever fussed over what my mom asked of me and did so. She was on the phone at the time talking to a girlfriend of hers. Back then it was the late 70s and she had an afro. It was very big too. My father was already in bed. He also had an afro and he was snoring in his bedroom loudly. I could hear him snore and hear my mom talking on the phone.

As I laid in bed, my bed faced toward the closet and the light of the full bath came into the entry way of my room. I laid there for a minute, wide awake due to all the racket of my dad snoring and my mom chatting away. As I laid there, I saw a figure in the shape of a baldheaded man slide into the light but it was all shadow. What got me even more so was how it slid in. It came in sideways, the same way as the light entered, at an angle. I could see no feet, just the figure of the head, neck and torso and the torso and midsection blended in together. Nothing definable at all other than the shape of the head. It slid in so far sideways and stopped as if to look at me. It stood there and I was paralyzed with fear; I was looking at me as I was frozen in bed looking at it. After this staring slid out the same way it came in. After a few minutes, that felt like an eternity, I jumped up and ran as fast as I could and told my mother what happened. She didn't believe me but she was still on the phone and my father was still snoring in bed.

I'll never forget that night. It has been burned into my mind.

My 2nd ghost experience was a scary one for me being so close. It basically began at this duplex I lived at when I first moved to Atlanta in 1999-2000. This duplex was at the end of a cove and it looked kinda old. To describe it: it sat on a slight hill and you have to go up a long flight of steps to get to the front door due to the garage being at the bottom. At the time I had one roommate. His brother (he ties in later) use to sleep next door in the duplex’s other residence as their older sister owned it.

One Sunday morning I woke up to my roommate's alarm clock ringing. This wasn't unusual, it happened a lot. I had not been drinking the night before and I stayed home due to my car being in the shop. As his alarm went off and went on and on…I woke up and yelled out my roommate's name, "Chuka!" (He and his family are African). I yelled out his name again two more time followed by a "Turn your alarm off man!!". Soon after that the alarm went off.

Like I said, he tends to forget leaving his alarm on and he sometimes does not come home until the following day. I soon after the alarm going off, I went back to sleep. A few moments later the alarm went off again and it keep going. I was getting a bit steamed and that anger of his insensitivity got me clearly awake. As the alarm was going off, I went to my window and looked down and saw his jeep. I assumed he was here at the duplex so I got on my robe and socks and went to his room (only the bathroom separated it). As I entered his room, I saw a figure (which looked like him) curled up under the covers to where I could barely see a head. I paid it no mind and went for the alarm clock which was right against the wall and his bed which was right next to it. In other words, I was standing between his bed and dresser where the alarm clock was. It was not any more than two feet apart. I turned off the alarm and went to his bed and it just looked… odd. I said "Chuka!", trying to wake him because I was kinda P.O.d that he would do this again. It was like his third time doing this and he could sleep through an earthquake. I've come into that room before with him in there sleeping hard while the alarm was whailin’ away.

Again I said, "Chuka," trying to wake him and he didn't move. As I reach for his shoulder saying "Chuka?" His back was facing me but seemed to "rise" like he was trying to get up. The creepy part was…that at first it looked like him! I'm dead serious about this. The only thing was he looked like he was in pain. As he moved, the face became ...distorted. The image of this fake Chuka was that it was transparent. It was clear but the outline of him was VERY visible with facial features. As it tried to rise, I started to lean back and as it tried to move, it vanished; fading like smoke. What got me most was that this "thing" was covered by the sheet and blanket. I saw the covers move up around "it" like the ghost had substance and it freaked me out BAD.

I ran from the room and prayed for at least 30 minutes. I found out later that Chuka slept at his parents’ house the night before. He had been out with his brother all night and left his jeep at the duplex. I called his parent's house and that's how I found out.

I got vibes about that place when I first moved there. Just an uneasy feeling when I came home and it was pitch black and like I was being watched. Chuka's brother, Ameka, said, when he spent the night next door, there were times he could have sworn that he closed the door but would come back into the same room and it would be open. At times Ameka would hear sounds that the door opened when it didn't. He also told me he felt that "being watched" feeling as well and he's a very easy going guy that really doesn’t think much about stuff like this.

Feel free to add this to your site. I hope it gives the same feeling of normalcy as I felt finding your site in finding I am not alone in this.