From: Susanne
Subject: I've experienced shadows too - would like to tell my story
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:57:10 +0100
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I too only realised today, as I came upon your site, how common these "shadows" really are. Here's my story:

A few years back at University we attended a weekend field trip and was staying at a manor house near Boxhill in England. A friend and I was sharing a room and at about 11.30pm lots of very strange things started to happen.

It began with what we thought at the time was smoke curling and twisting from a particular point in the room, at first only my friend could see it but after a few seconds I too could see it - all the more strange as there was no light. Yet it was thick, grey and coiling in a patch between our respective beds.

After watching the curls of what we thought was smoke, we started to notice pitch black 'shadows' gathering in a top corner of the room. The shadows were so black and opaque we could not see through it at all, but it got bigger and thicker, we could see what appeared to be more black blobby shadows joining the rest of the mass.

After a period of time the black shadows started to dart across the room, leaving my friend and I in sheer terror. I was too scared even to sit up and turn on the light at the foot of my bed. I remember at one point pulling my quilt up over my face and when I brought it down again a blob of this black shadow was literally nose-to-nose with me, I let out a scream at which point it darted across the room. My friend saw it dart across the room too. I can't remember at which stage it happened, but my bed began to rock (from top to bottom, not side to side) - not strongly but definite movement which scared the hell out of me! I can't remember how long this lasted, but it definitely lasted a while.

The next thing we saw was orbs of flashing lights - 1 which was shaped like an egg (but much, much larger) of a light blue colour. At the time my friend and I wanted to try and verify what we were seeing and we agreed to memorise the orb and the next day draw an annotated picture of it, inc colour of the orb and the shapes of the black blobs. The pictures were identical as was the colour of the orb. There was some more orbs - one white one which didn't do too much. But the blue one was there pretty much all night, flashing regularly.

At the same time as the orb appeared we also noticed some lights on the wall were there shouldn't have been any. You know when light leaks through a closed door - well it was a bit like that but it didn't fit with the existing door. It was totally out of synch and there was no light on in the corridor outside. We also saw what appeared to be a fire in the unlit fireplace. This was quite faint but in colour.

All the while the orb continued to flash and the black shadows were darting across the room. This continued until dawn - a good 6 hours or so. Needless to say we both had a sleepless night that night, but it has stayed with me since.

So glad to hear other people have experienced similar - there have been lots of skeptics!

With best wishes