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Before I forget, I am giving you permission to upload this story to the official shadow people archive, but please do not include my name or email address. I have never told these stories to anyone besides my husband (and even my husband has not been told everything) because I am afraid others will think I am crazy, paranoid, or making this up. I'm afraid this story will be kind of long, cause I have had many encounters with shadow people, so I will just go back to the beginning with my first encounter. I thank you for this site, cause it is a relief to know others have seen these shadow people too. I feel more confident now that this is not just a figment of my imagination and that I am not just seeing things.

I do not remember how old I was. I only know that I was in elementary school (I am now 25). Every summer, my family would go to Texas for a three month long vacation at my grandparent’s house. My grandparents would sleep in one room, my parents in another room, and my older sister and I in a room by ourselves, adjacent to their room in the corner of the hallway. The room we slept in had four beds: three which faced the doorway and one bed which was pushed against the same wall the door was on. My older sister was always (and still is) afraid of the dark whereas I have always loved the dark and cannot sleep with any light present in a room. Because of this, my sister always slept with the bathroom light on as a night light since the bathroom was near our bedroom on the opposite side of the hall, and the light shined into the room through the open bedroom door.

I always slept in the same bed with my sister, a large bed which faced the doorway, since my sister was afraid of the dark. One night in elementary school, I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. I had not moved in bed yet because I was letting my eyes adjust, when I looked into the hallway and saw something move in the shadows. I squinted my eyes harder thinking "It must be mom and dad, ‘cause it came from their room." But I saw the shadow dart again in the opposite direction. It was very, very dark, much darker than a shadow, and it moved faster than I had ever seen any person move, and it was too tall to be my parents. It had the full body shape of a person, and it was a solid dark mass that the bathroom light was not passing through, so I had the next logical conclusion any child would- Someone is in the house! I freaked out and woke my sister up in tears, who then grabbed my arm and dragged me running into my grandparent’s room in a panic. When my grandparents checked my parent’s room, the door was closed and no one was in there. Everyone assumed I had a nightmare. What frightened me most was when I realized my parent’s door was closed, because the way the doors sit adjacently to one another, anybody would be forced to open the door and enter their room if they passed in front of mine... so where did it go? It would have had to pass through the door if it was closed!

After that incident, I saw the shadow people every night when I went to bed. At first they were fleeting and would run if I looked at them, but by the end of the summer, they had grown brave and did not care if I saw them. The second the light went out and BEFORE I EVEN FELL ASLEEP, so I was fully awake, I would lie in bed awake and terrified watching the shadow person leap around in the hallway. I cannot begin to describe how fast this person was, and my eyes could barely follow him or it, and at first I would freak out and wake others up, but after being repeatedly wrong about someone being in the house, I would just lie in bed watching the shadow person.

The following summer vacation at my grandparents was even worse, because by the end of that summer, there was a few of them moving in the hallway. I think there was three (or at least there were three with features I could distinguish from one another), but they moved so fast, it was difficult to count. One was just a shadow of a person with arms and legs, but no other real features to distinguish it. The other appeared to almost be wearing a hood and its face was the least distinguishable. The third had the most defining characteristics. It had a top hat and when I stared at its face, I could see darker patches where the eyes should be, and he had a trench coast as well. They were very acrobatic in their movement and could leap from the walls to the ceilings while my eyes struggled to keep up, and they had grown brave enough to enter the room and approach my bed to look down at me. I was always too terrified to move or even make a sound. I would just lie their paralyzed with my heart racing, so I think they might have thought I was asleep. They would approach my bed and just stare at me, a tall massive shadow darker than any dark I had ever seen. Then, they would just leave, sometimes through the door, other times through a wall or ceiling. They would just sort of "liquefy" into the ceiling or wall... I don't know how else to explain it.

In middle school, I finally refused to sleep in any bed other than the one against the wall the door was on, and I always slept facing the wall so I would not have to see them. I thought they were ghosts at first, because I was young and had no knowledge of what ghosts really were or what people saw during ghost sightings. I asked my grandparents if the house was haunted or if she ever saw anything in her house. They just looked at me strange and said "no." My sister admitted that when she was younger, she saw "things moving in the shadows" at night in our grandparents' house (come to find out, that's why she insisted on us sharing a bed when I initially tried to change beds in elementary school... by middle school I had to switch beds for my sanity's sake), but she had not seen any shadow people or anything like that since third grade and insists our eyes were playing tricks on us back then.

By junior high, I was not afraid of the shadow people anymore. I had come to assume even more that they were just ghosts, and I had started seeing them in places other than my grandparents' house. I saw them in my own house (my parents' house), and outside in the woods at dusk and at night (I live in the country near lots of woods), and in other places too. I was not scared of them, and I had developed a bit of curiosity in them and was more interested in seeing them even closer up... I wanted to know what their faces looked like. I was more inclined to also just ignore them when I saw them, or at other times to try to talk to them, but they never talked back. They would just stare at me if I tried to converse, and then just disappear into a wall or something.

I noticed the one in my parents' house was a bit playful because he (or at least I assume it was a male) would play pranks like: messing with the thermostat, opening my door when he knows I like to have it closed, and opening and closing the cabinet doors. The shadow person would usually disappear before anyone saw him, but one night I caught him in the act and saw him darting from cabinet to cabinet faster than my eyes could follow, it almost looked like he was just teleporting there, and then when he saw me, he just disappeared into the floor. I then entered the kitchen and closed all the cabinet doors that were still open. My sister then called me into her room and begged me to spend the night in there. The kitchen is on the opposite end of the hall from her room and since she sleeps with the hall light on, she could see the whole thing. However, come to find out, my sister perceived it as the cabinet doors open and closing by themselves- She could no longer see the shadow people at all!- while I saw the shadow person. This made me realize that not everyone can see shadow people, and it made me wonder if I am just hallucinating the whole thing or if my eyes are playing tricks on me. Or perhaps my sister just refuses to admit she still sees shadow people, but then why say she saw cabinet doors opening and closing by themselves? I do not know if my parents ever saw shadow people or not. I was too afraid to ask them because I don't want them to think I am crazy, but I did ask them if our house was haunted and they told me that was ridiculous.

I should explain ahead of time that I can see auras and colors in people's auras. I usually have to focus to see auras though because I cannot see this by just looking at someone. I have only admitted to one person that I can see auras, and only after this person told me a story about a dream they had coming true. I thought I had left the shadow people behind since I bought my first house and moved even farther into the country (near even more woods) in November of 2009, because I had not seen one up here... until this morning. I still always had the sensation of being watched at night, and felt a presence even when I was alone.

This morning I was lying awake in bed watching the light creep in from it being early dawn (I had been awake for a good hour cause I just felt like someone was watching me, so I could not sleep... my husband had already left for work), when I saw something flicker out the corner of my eye. I stared into the closet where I saw it dart into earlier, and then saw a dark shadow lean out of the closet completely blocking part of the white wall. It was tall, had a distinct human shape to it, and it was definitely solid because I could not see the white wall through it, and the early morning light was not passing through its shape... but this one had something I had never seen before. This one had two glowing red eyes, and it pulled the closet door closed a bit as the shadow person seemed to grow in size a bit before my eyes. I didn't say anything or even move.. I was too terrified to. I had never seen a shadow person act like this before, and I have been seeing shadow people for almost twenty years now! But this was most definitely a shadow person, despite the red eyes.

My heart was pounding hard now, and I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I squinted hard to try to see clearly, and that is when I saw it- the shadow person's aura. Coming from the dark, humanoid figure was a black aura with thin wisps of orange bands twisting in it, and the outermost band of the aura had a red tinge to it. The dark aura began emitting even stronger from the figure, and soon swallowed my entire field of vision, and it was like the sun was not even present outside cause there was no longer any light in the room at all, like it was night time. The energy was making everything hazy in my aura from staring through the black aura, and it felt like my energy was being completely sucked from my body by it. I could feel my skin burning from the energy, like a sunburn, yet my body was ice cold at the same time (if you can understand that?), and then I saw the shadow person move from the closet, but it was so hard to see what it was doing through the black aura cause it was distorting my vision so badly, but I could swear it was reaching its arm out towards me. I cannot ever remember being so scared in my life, but I still could not move! I was frozen in place, so I squeezed my eyes shut and began telling myself inside my head that it was not real, that my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then I felt something like ice against my right cheek, and then my right hand, so I started telling myself in my mind that it will go away, that God will make it go away. Immediately, my body felt warm again, and when I opened my eyes, my room was bright once again with the early dawn's sunlight (I have french doors in my bedroom that face in the direction the sun rises in the morning). I could still feel its presence in the room, but it was not cold anymore or hostile, and I could not actually see it anywheres. I just got up and walked out the room to check on my cats which I keep in the garage at night, and they were freaked out and eager to go outside.

I have never seen an aura like that before ever... and I now know for certain that whatever shadow people are, they are not ghosts because they are not human at all. I have seen black auras before from humans, but nothing like that. This black aura just... swallowed the room whole, and it felt like it was swallowing me whole... the aura was DEFINITELY not human at all, and it was so inhumanely cold.

This is actually how I came across your site. After that incident this morning, I was googling the term "shadow" to try to find out what I saw, and then I heard the term "shadow people" for the very first time in my life on the internet and found out others have seen these things too. I thank you again for this site. :)

I apologize again for the length of this email. I will only relate one last encounter to you before I let you go. I consider this one the most unusual but it is also the one that made me first question if this was all just in my head. This one happened when I was in middle school. A friend and I were playing in the woods behind my house. I do not know what time it was, but it was daylight and nowheres near night time, and this was the only time I had ever seen a shadow person during the daytime (besides at dusk and dawn). Something moved outside the corner of my eye, and I turned to see a dark figure crouching in the shadow of a tree. Right before my eyes, the figure seemed to almost... how can I describe it?... liquefy into a shapeless mass, a dark shapeless shadow within the shadow of the tree, then it almost seemed to vanish it became so small until out of the trees shadow floated a black butterfly fluttering away in and out of the trees shadows, but it was moving so fast it was hard for my eyes to follow its darting, fluttering motion. I yelled over to my friend while pointing at the butterfly, "Did you see it? Did you see the ghost? And it turned into a butterfly!" Now, mind you I still thought they were ghosts at the time and I was only in middle school. My friend had been beside me the whole time, and she just sort of looked at me strange, "What ghost? What butterfly? And what were you staring at?" By the time I looked back, the butterfly was already gone. This has always confused me... shapeshifters perhaps?...