From: Catherine
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2015 5:18:31 PM
Subject: Re: My Experiences with Shadow People

I just put the words, "shadow people," into a search engine and am amazed by the number of results it generated. I have seen shadow people for most of my life. Until recently, I just thought everybody did but chose not to talk about it. I have long been comforted and guided by their presence.

I have no background in paranormal events and have not yet read any books or blogs about them. I worked for the US Federal government where I was given a top secret security clearance to do my job in international trade. After I had kids, I switched careers and worked as a science teacher. I was very happy in a logical, linear world and shadow people were an accepted part of my world. My kids were around me as shadow people during pregnancies. In fact, I was certain that my third child would be a girl. A few days before the baby (a son) was born, the soul appeared in my bedroom and informed me through some kind of information transfer that, although I had known this soul as a girl in many life times, it would live as a boy in this one. At the moment my middle child was born, the lights in the room seemed to brighten and there was an arc of shadow people around her. I assumed they were there to help her with the transition back into human form.

I see shadow people more often at church and almost always at funerals. My father-in-law passed away two weeks ago. His passing occurred two weeks before Christmas, one of his favorite holidays. While spending Christmas Eve with my sister-in-law (his daughter) and her daughter, I felt him move around me. His shadow form moved towards me and around to my back. I believe he wanted me to know he was with us. For me, it felt like a loving gesture and I didn't question it.

I see shadow people mostly in front of me but some have moved around a bit. They look like a black mist in the form of an amorphous human body. I don't see any gender identifiers. They do not talk in the sense of making sound waves. If they want me to understand them in a certain form, that is a picture I get from them. While my father-in-law was in hospice care, his mother, father, and late wife checked in. I saw them first as shadows but learned to tell them apart. I still don't talk about them but their presence in my life makes me feel comforted.

There was one occasion when I saw these shadow forms transfer into very distinct human forms. Several years ago, I had my first allergic and anaphylactic reaction to soy. As my system started to shut down, I looked at my husband and saw a man next to him. I knew the man with short brown hair, medium build, jeans and a flannel shirt was my husband's guide and that he would never be alone. Other sounds and shadow people came into sharp focus and I had a significant aha moment. I knew that many dimensions intersect and that we could kind of tune into them. We would just need to find the right "frequency." Luckily, IV epinephrine turned my reaction around.

So, I have just assumed shadow people are benevolent but I believe they could be experienced otherwise. I feel protected generally and I accept these forms as part of life. Now that I have found your site, I look forward to reading the stories there! I am really happy to find that others do experience them and that there is a venue to talk about such experiences :).

Thank you,