From: anonymous
Subject: Guardian shadow
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 21:07:46 +0200
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Ok, my first sighting was when I was about 14 years old. It was quiet; I can see the closet and door from where I sleep. So I woke up around midnight and I felt a bit chaotic. I looked at the closet and something was behind it; it towered itself above the closet. It looked huge like a bear; huge shoulders and all. It literally filled the end of my room.

As I followed it in awe, the person stood in front of my closet, it came near me. When it was close, I could feel something near my legs, something like a touch of a hand. It crawled itself really close to my head like it was inspecting me or something. I wasn't quite in fear; if it was evil, I would be terrified by now, but this was in the beginning, and it seems to do the same thing once in a while.checking out if everything is fine with me.

Of course at the start I was scared, to be honest I was terrified, I never ever seen anything like it. But that feeling fades away when I know that I can sleep safe and sound without a scratch.

If I want it to go because I'm not really fit to see it, I tell him to go away, and it fades slowly. It really seems that these beings have personalities.

Once, I tried to make close contact with it, it stood beside me, it was a bit lower than me. As I asked for a sign, it pinched me in my right hand. It hurt a bit.

I'm even thinking about giving it a name. It isn't evil, and it feels like a guardian; it also seems to stand next to my bed the whole time. It seems to take a lot of forms in my room. And let me tell you it is really playful. It runs and flies.

Maybe they don't want us to feel scared, we should explore how they act and take a different look on these beings, and maybe they aren't ALL evil somehow. Sure there are many of pure evil, but it can differ in every situation.

But before all that, many years ago I had another one in my room, made to scare me. When I woke up with the thing for the first time, I had a horrible dream. A few minutes after, I calmed down, but it was just the beginning of what was to come. Like my room went even darker somehow and heard a deep voice babbling some words:

"Get on with it."

Whatever he meant by this I really don't know, but I was so terrified, I switched my light on and screamed like never before. Was it a message?