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The following is an entry in my MySpace, The 'M' Spot Blog:

My eldest son died suddenly some years ago, a tragedy we are still struggling to live with on an almost daily basis. Before this encounter, my youngest son (the father of the granddaughter mentioned in the story, who lived with me at the time) and I both experienced unexplained incidents. For him the experiences were pinching and scratching at night. I felt someone sit at the foot or the side of my bed, when no one was there. I heard his voice call, 'Mom!' very loudly early one morning, waking me from a sound sleep in which I, for once, was not dreaming of him or even dreaming at all. I remember thinking that maybe one of my other two sons had come to the house and got up to check. I was completely alone.

I keep a fan on in my room for white noise when I'm sleeping, have always done so, but some time after my son's death, I can't really tell you how long after, I could sometimes hear a voice within the noise or more than one voice as though someone is speaking on the phone and someone is talking in the background. The words are unintelligible except for one or two, here and there, but the inflection is very obvious. I've since moved to my parent's home in the country and nothing has changed; the sudden movement of the bed and voices in the white noise are all still there. My son hasn't reported any mischief such as he was experiencing before for some time now and my middle son would never admit to anything like that if it had happened to him. If you're looking for background or some insight as to the stability of my mind, you can visit my profile at the above link (Editor: link no longer active) but I'm afraid you won't find much stability there. Just believe that all I tell you is true, there's nothing to gain from fabrication, only self-delusion.

Deborah Kelley


Some people choose to discount anything to do with supernatural beings, no matter what evidence is put in front of them, and some will believe anything they see. I fit somewhere to the left of middle. I was sadly disappointed to see the ‘flashlight’ episode of Ghosthunters, because it was just too pat, too stark for me to accept as real. If you don’t know which episode I’m talking about, I’ll try to find a link to it. Ghosthunters was usually just something I watched while I was waiting for something else to come on, because they rarely found any compelling evidence, at least in the episodes I had seen, but I had built up a kind of trust in them and after the flashlight thing, I suppose I felt somewhat betrayed.

For me, the most striking evidence found on the show was the shadow people they had photographed or caught on video in various episodes; the dark, unexplained figures that were there one second and gone the next. It was striking, because I have had my own encounter with a shadow person, a very personal, close encounter; I slammed a door in its face.

Before I retired earlier this year, I worked nights for one of our most beloved branches of the United States Government. A few years ago, after arriving home in the wee hours of the morning, I opened the nursery door to check on my 2 yr-old granddaughter, who was sleeping peacefully in her crib. My blood froze when, in the dim light coming through the bedroom window, I saw a dark, thin figure standing at the foot of her bed, not four feet away from me. Instantly, I backed up and slammed the door. In that split second, as the door was closing, I saw the figure race across the room in front of the window and vanish into the opposite wall. (It had arms but I can't tell you that I saw legs; all I can tell you is that my mind registered a complete figure). I immediately opened the door again and all was quiet. I quickly turned on the overhead light, but nothing was there. I searched the closet, behind every piece of furniture; nothing.

You might think it was a coward's reaction to slam the door so quickly upon seeing the figure, leaving my little granddaughter alone, but it all happened in about one and a half seconds. I slammed the door, and immediately opened it again; it was as though I needed that fraction of a second for my brain to adjust to what I had seen, but I was ready to battle whatever was in the room when I went inside.

You might also think I was shaken to my roots by the encounter. Not so. After having a few moments to recuperate, to think, I was sure I knew who the shadow person was, though I was really only hoping. You see, I want that evidence, I need it, but I won’t find it on TV, or the internet. When it’s ready, it’ll come right to me.