From: Luke
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, September 2, 2010 2:29:08 AM

My story starts when I was just a little kid. I was always afraid of the dark, so I always went to bed armed with my night light and a good closet check from my mom. It was always the same every night, nothing. One night I remember swinging my legs at the edge of my bed and my legs getting caught or grabbed by something, so I tried to kick until I got loose and hid under my blankets terrified, but I think my leg just got caught. I would worry and fret until I passed out every night and then wake up to realize the world had not ended, I was not harmed, everything's okay.

And, it stayed like that for years and I got better with age, until, one night, when I was a young teenager. I started seeing things again; floating dreary looking things. Forming into view out of thin air almost or out of corners. Let’s face it. I never watched for how they appeared but, dammit, they do.

I have never seen them while sleeping during the day, walking around at night or in dark rooms with other people. It only happens when I'm alone in my house in the dark. That's the scariest part. I thought it was night terrors, but I've never heard of them happening during the day so I'm not so sure they are a real psychological problem, leaving an unknown problem for me to face.

I constantly see figures, more than one at almost all times of night almost flying or floating around my room. They have the same body build of a human but definitely are not. I guess I could compare them at best to the ‘Dementors’ from Harry Potter only much, much, darker in presence, circling my room, stopping to look at me, or sometimes like they are just passing through. Most of the time they circle a bit and then disappear weirdly as my focus jumps to another. Sometimes I see a big one come into fruition. All the others are gone or move out of its way as it comes in flying or levitating at first. Then it seems to find a spot to stand or hover (I’m not sure) and it becomes erect to look at me. It faces me directly. I don't see anything but a black figure. It’s frightening but it doesn’t harm me. There is definably something dark about it but it’s not threatening although it seems it could be. It just watches; as if it’s watching over something or checking up on it. I have no clue what it is. Sometimes the figures seem to fly down over me and lay unto me. Like they are coming inside my body, but I do not feel a chill like others feel. It’s peaceful yet terrifying. Almost like bonds are forming for something. I have no clue what to think.

Description of the figures in full: Large black figures with clearly defined heads and arms but nothing else. Everything else is concealed with robes. The face is always dark, so I have no clue what it really is man or not. The only one, who resembles clearly, a man like creature, is the main one who I can see the body when the robes are open. The head is not cloaked but dark.