From: Donna
Subject: shadow story
Date: Friday, August 15, 2008 9:12:42 AM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Love your site. I would like to share my experience with a shadow person. I actually didn’t know they had a name or that so many people saw them until a few years ago. That in itself is kind of creepy, the fact that there are so many of them. Anyways, you can use my story if you would like.

My first sight of what I now know is called a shadow person was 5. It was a tall figure, dark and faceless. Its head and shoulders were defined but the body was not. At 5, of course I would wake screaming. It always shrunk down or squatted down and was so fast to leave the room. It visited often, but not every night. My shadow person seemed to be “assigned” to me or fascinated with me because it came no matter where I was. It visited all through my teen years and it was always the same one, or at least looked and acted just like the same one. We moved twice and still it would come at night.

My experiences with this shadow person were very terrifying to me. I would awake and it would be right there at me. One or two times I awoke and would have swore it was about to touch me. Of course immediately when my eyes opened, even before I could catch my breath to scream it shrank down and ran out the door. It was like it didn’t want me to see it or it didn’t mean to get caught or perhaps it was scared.

I got married at 16 and moved in with my husband, it was probably a good three months and I hadn’t seen it so I thought that I was safe. But soon enough the shadow person started coming again. I would wake screaming which would startle my husband and he grew very agitated at me. He certainly thought I was a little nuts when I told him about the “thing” I would see. He just thought I had vivid nightmares. At first he would sit up in the bed with me and help me get calmed down. Then he would just say “your having a dream go back to sleep.”

We moved a few times during our early years of marriage and my shadow person would still visit. The only thing that changed was that as I got older I could sense its presence. There were very few times it would be able to get up beside me because I began to sense it as soon as it entered my room and would wake to see it at the door. It would crouch and flee. The feeling was evil, but not like danger. It’s hard to explain it, but when I felt its presence I was afraid. Even in dead sleep terror rushed over me and woke me. My husband still thought I was nuts and wouldn’t discuss the idea of me seeing a “ghost”.

We were married for about 21 years before he finally understood. One night we were in bed and I just couldn’t sleep. I suppose every couple has “their side of the bed.” Doesn’t matter where we move the bed, the same side is always mine. Anyways, I was tossing and keeping us both awake and he suggested I sleep on his side to see if that made a difference. SO we changed sides in the middle of the night. It was just after 3a.m. when we finally dozed off. I was awaken with feeling that terrifying sense. Right about that time my husband sit up in bed and said “what the hell?” He jumped up out of bed and ran out the bedroom door chasing whatever it was he saw. When he came back to bed, I could tell he was a little shaken by it. “So that is what you have been seeing? All this time I thought you were making it up or insane,” was all he said. The shadow person had went to my side of the bed and was heading towards my husband. I don’t know how or why the shadow person didn’t know that wasn’t me or if it did know why it was approaching my husband. But after all these years someone else saw it!

From that night, I haven’t seen my shadow person. It has been 5 years. On occasion I still feel that terrifying evil sense of its presence, but when I look around I don’t see it. I know he is somewhere, but just not where I see him. I may be a grown woman but my head goes under the cover and I don’t get up to get a drink of water or use the bathroom when I feel that feeling.