From: Julie
Sent: Saturday, May 9, 2015 12:59:20 PM
Subject: My story. Everything in the text below can be posted

My name is Julie. Although I feel it follow me all through the US, everything in my story happened in northern California.

I remember seeing things since around 8-years old, and my mom told me I did even before then.

I'm led to believe it's the same one because it's always looked the same; pitch black, about 3ft tall, long claws or fingers or whatever they are, and red eyes. I don't remember any feet or legs or a neck even; just a shadow figure with claws and eyes. My mom told me I use to call them 'lava monsters'.

The first time I actually remember seeing it, was at my aunt's house and I was about 8. It was getting close to 8pm so I was folding up my scooter at the front door and in the tall shrubs by the door, I saw it, I didn't stare long because I was horrified. I didn't know what it was but it looked like it was getting ready to pounce on me. I always had trouble opening her door but that time, it opened, no problems. Inside the house, I tried telling my family about it but they thought I was telling made-up stories… how kids do.

The next time, I didn't so much see it as sensed it. In my bathroom at home, I use to talk to it in the vent, until my mom told me not to talk to them. It never talked back.

The next one: I woke up lying on my stomach, to a sharp stinging feeling on my back. I opened my eyes and turned my head to see a dark figure run to about the middle of my bedroom floor and sink into it. I ran to the bathroom (not the one where I had been talking to it in the vent) and looked at my back where I saw scratches.

I rarely sleep on my stomach at night anymore and I'm now 22. The last small instance I remember is coming out of the computer room at night somewhere between 8 and 10 years of age. The hallway was dark and to get to the living room, I had to pass my room. My door was open and the room was also dark. I sensed something as I neared it and out of the corner of my eye, saw the figure. I started running down the hallway knowing it was chasing me. I didn't look back. I stayed in the living room with my dad till bed time. Then he did a check of my room before bed. I haven't seen that one anymore, only full bodied figures out of the corner of my eye now but all my life I've been scared of the dark; always need a light on at night. I have always had great depression issues. I believe that demon has always been attached to me, and follows me anywhere I go or move to. I always sense things now even if I don't see it anymore. And can pinpoint where it's at watching me if I start talking out loud about it too much...

One more thing… my aunt, the one at the house where the first instance happened, has some psychic abilities and also sees the demon I see. She told me about it hovering over her bed at night. Her daughter helps spirits move on.

To add what may have caused all that: when I was a baby, my biological dad was in jail, and when he got out, he told my mom he tricked the demons. He told them he would sacrifice me if they got him out of jail, but he didn't. Then another time, I was maybe a toddler, my mom had left him for good at this point, but we all got home and there was a telephone message from him speaking in some demonic tongue or something like that. So I guess I feel like he sent me the demon, and that is why it's attracted, or attached to me.