From: Charles
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:47:27 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: A eerie occurrence

So, last summer, shortly after my 18th birthday, I went on a mission trip to Mexico with my mom and step-father's church. I'm not very religious, but they thought it would be good for me to go work with people in a situation of extreme poverty. They paid for me to go out of the country, so I agreed.

Anyways, so throughout the time we were in the city, Victoria, Mexico; visiting small neighborhoods with tiny rundown houses which we helped do repairs on for the people, and at night provide entertainment. Anyways, so throughout my time in the city I felt very uneasy. We were staying in a large church there and sleeping in a dormitory section with bunks and community bathrooms. There were sections closed off by walls and in each section two sets of bunks and a middle space for putting your clothes, supplies, etc.. So after a long day of working we came back to the church, ate dinner, and went to bed. I was tired but me and one of my friends, James, who was on the lower bunk next to me, were talking about how creepy the old church was and he told me he had been hearing voices while he was asleep; he said he thought it might just be dreams but he seemed very frightened about the whole situation. Anyways I dismissed it as he was just dreaming it and went off to sleep.

About 3 am I awoke to a rustling sound next to me I looked over and saw 2 shadowy figures over my friend I heard whispers and he was talking back to them one slithered over his bed on to the floor almost like they were surrounding his whole body the whispers became louder to where I could hear the words but it wasn't anything I had ever heard, and my friend was speaking back to them in the same speech; it sounded terrible almost like they were speaking in tongues. He then started shaking violently on the bed. I watched this play out for about 15 minutes in total shock (which seemed like hours) every couple of minutes or so he would start shaking violently and would continue to speak to the shadows. I was almost too scared to move but decided to make a dash for one of the youth pastors. I made it to the side of his bed and shook him awake and told him that my friend was in trouble. He came with me quickly and when we got back beside James' bed, his eyes got wide, but he didn't seem afraid. He went directly by James’s bed and laid his hand on James chest and started praying. He said something along the lines of: "Lord remove this evil from this place." The shadows made a sharp moaning noise and flew off across the walls.

James quit shaking and he awoke looking very frightened and confused. Our pastor took him to talk to him aside, and then me. He told me he had seen this before and that he knew they were demons, I talked to James about it too and he said he felt like he was being attacked in his sleep. He said he thought it was all just a bad dream. He said he thought they were taking over his mind and he couldn't fight it. Needless to say, I felt comforted by having the pastors there, but the rest of the time in those dormitories, I felt very scared and often times, had to talk to James until he fell asleep because he would be so afraid. I'm not sure about them being demons and I'm still a little skeptical about religion, but I believe that those things shadow people, demons or whatever the hell they were, exist, and they are not something you want to mess with, if at all possible.