From: R
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2015 5:53:59 AM
Subject: Stories of Losing My Sanity

I’ve always been kind of… sensitive to things. People would say that I’m very loud as well, when I’m sitting quietly in a room full of people. I have something going for me and it seems my mother has the same thing going for her, I’ve learned, after we swapped stories (we live together but spend lots of time apart).

Things had been fairly quiet before this incident happened. I was still in high school at the time (so this was about a year and a half ago) and I was sleeping soundly in my bed as usual. Near about 3:45 am I “woke up” in my dream, to look towards the corner closest to my window and bookcase. A black figure started to kind of twist over itself until it grew to about 10 feet tall, so it was hunched over. It had yellow eyes, and its face grew into a wolf-like snout and ears. Its hands were visible and the fingers were long talon-like things protruding from its hands. I remember my room having a strange white light, not from any particular direction, when I saw this in my dream. It started to come towards me and I was sitting up at this point, staring at it, and I was so frightened that I woke myself up. After that I slept with the light on (which did help) and burned sage in and around the house, to which I saw it once more in the ivy we have growing on the side of the house, but never saw it again once I passed by with the sage.

Later down the road I was at the barn where I board my horse, working. It was a generally unpleasant day; cold and rainy. Everyone just wanted to get done and go home. I was in a stall with a horse that should have damn well killed me after this happened, picking her hooves and getting her ready to be worked. I was bent over, minding my own P’s and Q’s when two hay bales go flying towards the indoor ring. The trainer and owner of the barn both called out to me and asked what I was thinking, throwing hay bales already? I explained what I was doing and they then told me about the Indian Chief that… I want to say… “haunts”… but I feel like it’s a bad word to use... the barn. He’s been spotted by a lot of the customers and the pinto horses seem to be the most sensitive to his presence. He causes no harm, but actually protects us, it seems, saving the barn from a tree that should have fallen into it.

Working alone one day I caught a glimpse of a shadow of him while I was filling water buckets, about to go home after an 11 hour day. He seemed to stop behind a stall, between the indoor ring and the stack of hay bales, before walking towards the indoor ring and vanishing. I was a bit shaken up since my previous experience had me near pissing myself, but I went on to the other barn where my coworker was taking care of the lesson horses and told her what was going on, then went home. To this day I still feel him around the barn, especially on rainy days, when he seems to like to make his presence noticed.

The last story I have just happened. I just moved back from Iowa (mom lives in Illinois, I left for Iowa for college) less than a month ago and it’s been wonderful not having any paranormal activity. Life was good. Back in Illinois, things seemed okay. The air seemed denser, though. I just kinda brushed it off. But just about an hour ago, at 3:45 AM, I received a call from my mother which led me to this site. The conversation went:

Me: …Hello?

Mom: *silence*

Me: Mom what do you want?

Mom: Are you still there?

Me: Yeah, why what do you need?

Mom: Why is there a tall dark man standing at your door? Did you bring someone home? Why are they making so much noise?

Me: …what are you talking about?

Mom: There’s a tall black man that was standing at your door. He’s gone now. Did you bring someone with you?

Me: No, but you should probably check the house to see if anyone is here.

Mom: No, I’m sure no one is. I might still be in dreamland. Wait, did you open a drawer? Not like right now but like before I called you?

Me: I’ve been lying quietly in my bed for almost 2 hours.

Mom: Oh. Well that’s what woke me up; someone opening a drawer.

Me: Are you sure no one else is here but you, Terri (roommate), and I?

Mom: Yes. I’ll stop bugging you. Sorry to wake you up. Goodnight, I love you. *click*

I then hopped back on my laptop and started searching up “tall, black figures” and came across “Shadow people”. I am hoping that from what I read that it is just in fact, a wandering spirit that watches over those who are stressed out or going through changes in their life (both of which I am) but I fear that I’ll be sleeping with the light on for a while, because I don’t plan on a spirit leaning over me while I sleep. As I’m getting more comfortable with the fact that I can see things that others may not be able to, I haven’t gotten so comfortable to let them touch me. I’ll be talking to her about it more tomorrow to continue my research on what exactly she saw.

Here’s to losing my sanity.