From: anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:16:52 AM
Subject: Shadow person experience

This happened I was around 10 years old or so. It was the middle of the night and I had just woken up from a bad dream. It seemed like I had a lot of bad dreams as a kid so this was a pretty typical night for me. I was lying on my bed on my stomach, looking off the edge of the bed into the middle of my room. I was thinking about the dream, and considering if I should go into my parents' room or try to fall back asleep in my own bed. I remember I spent a few minutes doing this, and I had become fully or nearly fully awake.

There was some dim light in my room so I was able to see the shapes of things, like posters on the wall and my dresser, the basic form or outline of things. I think the light was coming from street lights outside my windows. As I was lying there thinking about my next move, a black silhouette suddenly rose up very quickly right in front of my face. Its motion made it seem as if it had been initially kneeling or lying on the floor in front of my bed, head and body low to the ground, and then had quickly bent up to a kneeling position, torso rising first, and then the head bending up from the neck. So from my field of view looking off the edge of the bed I could see a head, shoulders and arms, and the torso down to about the waist.

It didn't really move after it reared up but it stayed at the edge of the bed looking at me in what seemed to be a very intense way. I froze up and felt like I couldn't move or speak and chills were jolting through my body.

The figure was shaped like a bald person in a form fitting body suit, fairly big framed but not necessarily muscular, maybe built like a swimmer. The head and body were completely ink black and the edges of the figure were well defined. I couldn't see any eyes like I have read about in some experiences but I felt that it was focusing on me, looking right at my face. The head/face was positioned above mine so that it was looking slightly down at me. I got the impression that it was a male and it had a very aggressive and menacing way about it. It seemed like it was leaning toward me and it looked like it was tensed, like it was on the verge of attacking or jumping on me. At the time I thought it was a real person and that I was about to be attacked because the motions it made when it had rose up were very human and 'real' in appearance, and not at all 'floaty' or ghostly looking.

We were face to face for maybe 5-10 seconds or so and I felt like I was about to get my mobility back so I could run out of the room or scream. Then the black color of the figure began to change into what looked something like black tv static. The static started to move and bounce around inside of its body and the figure started to fade, which looked similar to when they would 'beam up' in the original Star Trek tv show. While this was happening, it seemed like the menace of the figure had been removed. It was as if I was now looking at frozen image of the figure, and my initial fear was replaced by a cautious interest.

The static picked up speed as it bounced around inside the body, and the figure started to disintegrate and become not as well defined. Then, the individual static 'pieces' seemed to blow apart into separate small fragments, and it was gone. There was no noise produced at any time during the experience. I don't remember exactly what I did next but I'm pretty sure I ended up in my parent's bed that night. I suppose it is possible that I the whole encounter was a dream but the vividness of the memory leads me to believe that it was a real experience.