From: Mairead
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 11:43:11 AM
Subject: Hi, I have a true shadow people story which I feel is my duty to share with you

I am a Christian, almost 50 years old now. I had no experience of these "shadow people" until a few years ago, then had almost daily problems for a few years, and eliminated the problem completely last year. I feel it is my duty to share my story with you as it may help others.

My shadow people infestation was caused by a small book called the Jewish Book of Psalms. It was placed by a Jewish friend on top of one of my kitchen cupboards, when he came to visit me once.

I would just like to state upfront, that I have no problem with Jewish people. My mother used to own a small business, part of which involved selling jewelry, and a Jewish agent used to sell it to her. She always said to me that she never had to check the invoices she was sent or the amounts of goods she was sent, as they were always correct, unlike local wholesalers who had to be constantly checked as their invoices always were wrong to some degree, and mainly in their favour.

My mother always said, the Jews were the most honest people she dealt with in business.

We did not know any other Jews as there are none where we live. So I had and still have, no prejudice against Jews.

However, I had a Jewish male friend who I had a relationship with for a while some years ago, and that is when a problem arose which I feel I must write about and bear witness to.

(Incidentally an alternative journalist named Jim Stone has also written about a relationship he had with a Jewish girl which led to many strange difficulties when they broke up, caused by other Jews. His was a different situation as he had been going to the synagogue with her. I did not have a long enough relationship nor did I ever go to any synagogue with my male friend. So my experience was less serious and certainly less life-threatening, but I think it is still worth writing about.)

Basically, after breaking up we remained friendly and he came to visit me once. He was sitting in my kitchen and I went out of the room for some reason. When I came back in rather unexpectedly I found him standing on a chair and putting something on top of one of my kitchen cupboards. He seemed a bit surprised that I had returned so soon and told me that he was giving me a housewarming gift (I had moved in just before that) which was a small book of the Bible Psalms written in Hebrew. It was a good luck thing.

I was a little surprised that he didn't tell me about this before he put the book up on the cupboard. My kitchen unit cupboards have just a small space between them and the ceiling. There is a wooden rail in front of them, and I cannot see what is on top of them without standing on a chair and twisting my head to look behind the rail, and normally would never look to see. But at the time I innocently thought it was a nice gesture and thanked him.

Anyway not long after that I began to have a strange feeling about my kitchen. Many times I would be cooking or listening to music and I would have a strange feeling of being watched. I also often felt I could see dark shadows out of the corner of my eye. When I would turn around there would be nothing there. It was odd and also strange that from that time onwards, my daughter refused to go downstairs at night without turning on all the lights. She also insisted that I talk to her all the time as she was downstairs by herself. She was frightened of being downstairs at night on her own and would race up the stairs before turning off the lights. This went on for years but I didn't associate it with the book my ex-friend had positioned on top of the cupboard, as I had forgotten all about it.

I decided my daughter must have watched something frightening on TV and rationalised that as I am aging my eyesight may be getting worse. However, I should have thought more as to why it was only in the kitchen I briefly would see these dark shapes which quickly vanished when I tried to focus on them. I prayed about it but didn't get any response. I tried praying as soon as I saw a shadow, but they were gone by the time I started to pray.

I was worried about this but had so much going on in my life that I didn't pay it the attention I should have. I kept thinking I should have my pastor over to bless the house, but he lived a long distance away and it was difficult to arrange a suitable time. Also, my problem was so non-specific and sounded so imaginary I felt embarrassed to draw attention to it. In the end, a Christian friend told me, to pray over it myself, which I did. But the shadows still appeared in my kitchen, coming and going, regardless of my prayers.

Anyway, last winter, I decided to paint the kitchen and in preparation started washing the walls. It was only then I noticed the book was still there and remembered him putting it there. I had forgotten all about it. It had been there a few years. I looked at it, it was all in foreign writing. I realised that I had no idea what might be written in it. I didn't have a good feeling from this book. It was small so it burnt up quickly in my fire that evening.

Since the book being destroyed, my daughter has had no problem going downstairs in the dark. And I have not seen any dark shapes in my kitchen since.

I know that anyone reading this may well think, well this is a very strange story and the writer must be rather crazy.

You may well also be thinking, now her daughter is now much older and probably was going to grow out of the problem of being afraid of the dark at some stage. As for the dark shapes, they were all in her imagination anyway.

I have also pondered this. But I know I did see these dark shapes, many times, and I am definite that they were demonic spiritual entities of some kind. Something was able to gain access to my kitchen, thankfully not to the rest of the house, due to that book being there. I have not seen them since destroying it. This proves to me that it was not my failing eyesight. Nor was it my daughter's over active imagination.

Since then I have read of shadow people on many sites. Wikipedia even has a page about it and unusually even allows a Christian to comment on their spiritual nature:

"Hollis describes shadow people as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision, and claims that people have reported the figures attempting to "jump on their chest and choke them". She believes the figures to be negative, alien beings that can be repelled by various means, including invoking "the Name of Jesus"."

I would agree with the figures being negative and probably demonic. And of course I prayed to God in the name of Jesus about them immediately I saw them, which is probably why I never had such an attack as others have reported, and I never even got a good look at them as they would vanish almost instantaneously.

I never saw a shadow directly in front of me, probably because I would pray as soon as I saw one. However, all the prayers I made to protect my house, didn't work for my kitchen as they were definitely able to come and go to there at will and I now believe it was because of that book being there that this travel was enabled. I must have enabled this by allowing the book to be present, even though I had forgotten all about it.

The book seems to have constructed a type of demonic Faraday cage, basically. The many prayers I said had no effect over the part of the house the book was in. I could pray away the shadows whatever I saw them when I was in the kitchen, but I obviously was not able to stand guard in my kitchen 24/7.

It was a very cleverly disguised satanic gift to give to a Christian, a book of Psalms. Most Christians would never think to suspect a book from the Bible as being the cause of demonic infestation. Probably to put the book there in secret, was the main reason he visited me.

Since getting rid of that book, I have learned, from some rather odd websites, that specific psalms from the Book of Psalms, are ritually used for magical purposes and place both blessings and curses on people. This is not a subject on which I care to dwell. I am quite sure that God never meant for his Psalms to be misused in such a manner. But the fact that many websites contain spells which involve reciting the Psalms, is noteworthy. Christians must be very careful when researching this subject as it involves spiritual warfare, and non-Christians are better off leaving it alone altogether.

Anyway I wanted to record this incident as I have come to believe because of it, that there must be something Satanic about present day Jewish worship if it can manage to attach such demonic entities to a book. Also it was very sneaky and deceitful of him to try to put the book there behind my back while I was out of the room. I am quite upset that he would do such a thing, I believed that our relationship was mutually cordial and we stayed in touch for a long time after that. I now believe he was ensuring to remain in contact with me, in order to monitor the effect of the book.

I was very stupid to trust that it was a benign book though, especially as I could not read what was in it. I suppose this is a cautionary tale which illustrates the old adage, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", except in this case it could be amended to, "Beware of Jews bearing gifts".

I would have thought before this, that anything I brought into my house, or was in my house, could be rid of any negative spiritual associations by my praying over it. However, this incident has made me think again, I no longer will accept gifts from friends, without praying over them first, and I now monitor what happens, and am very watchful for recurrences of shadows, with any new item I am given, or purchase and bring home.

I find it interesting that my prayers were able to protect the rest of the house, but not my kitchen, which was the location of the book. There must have been something about having that book present in that room, that bypassed my prayers and allowed demonic access. Yes, I was praying them away as soon as they appeared. However, they should not have been able to gain access in the first place. The fact that these demonic entitles were allowed access, indicates a legal rule exists in the realm of spiritual warfare which I have found mentions of in various Christian websites, including this one which identifies many weaknesses which can allow demonic ingress, such as sins, including ancestral sins, unforgiveness, demonic vows, and the one which I believe allowed demonic access to my kitchen, the possession of a cursed object:

"Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. If you brought any Indian or pagan religion artifacts into your home, you could be opening the door for demons to enter and bother the people within your home. Land can also become defiled by the sins of its owners (Leviticus 18:27).

The remedy? Burn, destroy or get rid of any physical objects that you have located that could be cursed. Isaiah 2:18, "And the idols he shall utterly abolish." It is Biblical to burn cursed objects. Repent for bringing such objects into your home if you are responsible for them! Land can be cleansed by prayer and repenting of the sins of the previous owners."

In the past I have had many secular objects such as unchristian movies, charms and jewellery etc, in my home. NONE of them ever allowed demonic access to my home by shadow people. That only happened after I had a Jewish Book of Psalms put in my kitchen.

I'm not saying it is a good idea to have pagan objects in one's home. However, I did not have any spiritual problems until I had that particular book put on my cupboard.

Also as I now believe that there must be something very sinister and Satanic about present day Jewish religion, due to this incident. Anyway I felt I ought to write this email to you in order to let you know my experiences and to warn your readers.

Yes shadow people can be prayed away using the name of Jesus, but they should not appear in the first place. The fact they can appear indicates there is an object nearby and probably in the same room, which is allowing them access. This object must be destroyed by fire.

Thank you for reading this email, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I really appreciate the work you have done in getting people to discuss shadow people and the reality of their existence. It is very important people realise the spiritual reality of the world we live in.