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On: Jan 01/19/2014 11:58 AM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
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Hi. My name is Amber.

My brother found this picture on his phone. This is his room, his door, his chair, etc., but he has no memory of taking this picture. It freaks the both of us out. We have no idea what it could be. I asked him what he thought it was, and he said aselfie ‘shadow person’. He said, he has come into contact with shadow people. He has seen them face to face. We are a family of empaths, so could that have something to do with it? Is it because we can sense things others can't? Is it because we can see and hear things that others can't? Are we more venerable because we are empaths?

I don't think we will ever know but I need help to figure out what this is. I personally have never seen a shadow person. I have seen orbs, auras, etc. but I have never seen a shadow person. I have no idea what they look like. My brother does but he says this one from the picture, looks slightly different.

We both feel its energy when we are in his room, and I fear that it is studying him. From what I have researched about shadow people; when they come face to face, it’s suppose to mean they have interest in you. They usually don't like to be seen.

Something took this picture. My brother didn't. I didn't. It’s obviously not a fake or photo shopped picture. So where did it come from? And why is it here? It looks to me as if there is something connecting it to the ceiling. Does anyone have any information for me? Does this look like a known form of a shadow person? If not, what is it? Because, quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me and my brother.

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From: Samantha (Amber and Nate's mother)
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: in regards shadow figure in son's room
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 13:30:49 -0500

Amber told me she contacted you guys and shared photo. Nate is 18 she is 15. I give permission for her story to be published and would also like to share my own story and accounts.

My family has the touch of physic abilities and closest I can find to me is an empath with clairvoyance I see auras and orbs and sense spirits but cannot see them as an adult, only feel them. Now, I see dark images that my kids say are shadow people. I practiced magic until four years ago when I ‘got saved’.

After my grandmother, who practiced Wicca, passed away, I was age 10 and she had a basement full of witchcraft books numerology and other items, including Ouija boards.

This is my old house, my mother’s house that I grew up in. I started reading and practicing at that time and used spirit boards to try to contact my grandmother. I played with them with friends and alone in this house; in these rooms at 14 years of age. There was a strong presence in my mother’s house as well as my grandmother’s house next door. Since I was a small child, I could sense spirits and could see them. I can't see them now as an adult but feel them.

I started practicing astral travel and even attempted to sell my soul at a young age. When we went on vacation to Florida, my mom threw the spirit board in trash. When I came back from vacation, it was on kitchen table. Mom accused me of getting it out of the trash. I told her that I would have hidden the board if I had. We were all freaked out. We tried to burn the spirit board but it would not burn. We chopped it up and buried it in different places on the property. When I moved out, mom said my closet doors would open and close by themselves. My mom has many witchcraft items in her house that were my granny's and that she took from me as a teen. She won't get rid of them because of sentimental value.

As for my son, Nate, he is very secretive and angry all the time; he doesn’t like to share things with me but my daughter, Amber, does. Nate has shared with Amber that he has started to astral travel in his sleep. I practiced astral travel at age 14 and now do it often even if I don't want to but Nate does not want to talk to me about it. Amber can see orbs and auras and my six-year old says she can too. They have band practice all the time in my grandmother’s house that we lived in until last year. Nate even lived there when my grandmother use to cast circles there. Water would come up out of middle of floor, stuff moves and other things happen in the house. They see the shadows and orbs there most of time. As for the photo, Nate said he didn't take the picture with his cellphone. I think doorknob looks funny but don't think the kids know how to Photoshop.

I have been afraid of this house since a small child. I had to leave that property but it followed me to my new house. ‘It’ opens doors. So lots of things have happened in all three homes: my grandmother’s house, my mother’s house and my new house.

I do house blessings. I had a Catholic priest bless grandmother's house before I moved. I have bound them rebuked them and they won't go away.