From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2016 3:35:45 PM
Subject: My daughter has been seeing ghosts

My daughter is now 4 years old and has been seeing spirit's since we moved to our new home 3 years ago, that was built in 1925.

The first experience was during the middle of the day while she and her younger brother were playing in the living room and out of nowhere she came running over to me terrified and shaking pointing to the other side of the room saying there was a dog. We do not have a dog and this genuinely scared me because I have been lead to believe that spirit dogs are demons and the way she was shaking was very unsettling. At the time my reaction was to tell her there was nothing there and that I had her and would keep her safe.

In the following months, my mother began to babysit them for me so I could go to work in the afternoon. She told me on several occasions that my daughter was seeing a woman in the kitchen and would again run to my mom shaking in fear. Finally, one day my mom had had enough and she decided to tell the spirit of this woman that she was scaring my daughter and that this is no longer her home and we will take good care of the house and to leave us alone. Since then we have not had any more issues at home with her seeing spirits.

Recently my mom admitted to me that when renovating the house, she was taking pictures for the before and after album, they had just finished with the new drywall and it was very dusty. She took a picture of the stairwell and captured the image of a woman. It was just a misty white outline of a figure but was clearly a woman. She deleted the photo right away and didn’t tell me about it until about three years after it happened because she didn’t want me to be scared in my new home.

Just the other night while sleeping over at my parent’s new house, I was getting the kids to bed and my daughter suddenly sat up and said she could see a man in the hallway. At first, she thought it was my father but then just said it was a man and she could see legs, arms and a head. She even had me sit up to see for myself. I did and told her I couldn't see anything and not to be scared as I will always protect her. She then went to bed without any issue.

I asked her today to tell me more about the man she saw at my mom's house the other night and she said he was a man and he was “black black” and that he had girl’s hair. Then he was just gone. I asked her if she thought; if he was nice and she said she wanted to talk to him but he wasn’t looking at her but just staring at the wall. I told her that I believe her.

I have never personally had any experiences myself but have felt slightly uncomfortable in my bedroom at my parents’ house and usually just talk myself out of it because I have a bad habit of watching ghost hunting shows before bedtime and usually attribute my fears to that. The only spiritual experience I have ever had was shortly after my cousin committed suicide. I had a dream that he came to my house where I was living at the time. He knocked on my backdoor and when I answered and saw it was him, I started crying and he just hugged for a long while. He looked so happy and healthy and was dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobe (he was the biggest Star Wars fan ever). I awoke sobbing although it was a very reassuring dream. And to this day I truly believe it wasn't just a dream and that he actually came to visit me.