From: L.D.
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Date: February 14, 2017 at 11:29 PM
Subject: Shadow Person sighting (child)

I wanted to submit this story, as it was experienced by my 10-year-old child and I found it intensely interesting.

My child has not been told stories of paranormal sightings, shadow people, ghosts, spirits or demon entities. We do not have cable/satellite, and she does not have access to the internet outside of school. Her story is, by definition, without influence.

It was an unseasonably warm February day here in west Tennessee, and my three children were enjoying playing on our small farm. From the back porch, I was able to watch them as they ran and explored in the very rear of our pasture while I was simultaneously doing some paperwork. At one point, I looked up and could see my oldest child (10) sprinting towards the house. As she got closer, the facial expression was not one of joy or glee. When she reached me, she was breathing rapidly and her eyes were wide. She was insistent upon going into the house, and would not answer my repeated question "Are you ok?" Once we were into the house, she told me she saw something by the barn. I asked what she meant, and the following is precisely what she told me.

"There was a big black person. It was tall, taller than Dad. It had no face, no hair, just these big white openings for eyes. It was standing in front of the barn when I came out, and it was staring at me. I couldn't look away from it Mama, and I wanted to, but I couldn't. My legs started tingling and I thought I was going to fall down, then the thing moved away from the barn door. It didn't was like it was sliding. I walked out of the barn and looked to see where it was, and it was going around the corner of the barn. I just started running and didn't stop. I don't know where it went."

After asking her a few more questions regarding its appearance, she explained that it had very long arms that nearly touched the ground. It did not have discernible feet. When asked to indicate its height, compared to her father (who is 6'2"), she required a chair in order hold her hand the correct distance over his head. My nearest guess is that this shadowy figure was between 7 and 7.5' tall. Our barn door is 9ft, for reference.

The detail she provided in her description, along with the physical signs of fight or flight (adrenaline tingling in the extremities, shortness of breath, racing heart) lead me to believe, without doubt, that she did see something she could not explain or understand.

Time of sighting: 1:45pm (approximate)
Exposure direction of barn door: south
Weather conditions: Sunny with occasional clouds
Location: West TN, 25 minutes northeast of Memphis
Physical distance from shadow person: 12ft (estimated)

- L.D.