From: Robin;
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2015 4:01:22 PM
Subject: Shadow person

My name is Robin and this happened in August of 2003 in Alexandria, Ohio. My son was about 3 months old at the time. My husband had gone to Wisconsin for the weekend and my son and I stayed home...alone. The house we lived in, at the time, had its own ghosts. We would hear voices, and see people walk through the other rooms. I grew up in a haunted house so it never bothered me unless the voices kept us up at night, and that was only annoying, not scary.

The first night, around 11 pm, I was lying on my couch watching TV. I had laid my son down in his crib a few hours earlier. I needed to use the restroom and had to pass by my bedroom, where his crib was, to get to the bathroom. As soon as I got in front of the doorway my whole body froze. I hadn't looked into the bedroom (I had my sight zoned onto the bathroom door). I couldn't move or speak. Then I collapsed to the floor. I was able to look into the bedroom and saw a silhouette of a man leaning over my son's crib. He was tall, and slender, and looked like he was wearing a suit and a fedora style hat. He turned at looked at me and it felt as if electricity ran through my body. He then turned back towards my son. It took everything I had to move. I managed to crawl into the bedroom. He looked at me again and I felt he was VERY angry that I wasn't staying where he wanted me to be. The "electricity" got stronger throughout my whole body. Somehow I managed to whisper, "Get away from my son!" I heard a deep guttural growl that seemed to come from all around me. I then screamed, "Get out!" and then he stood up straight and it looked as if he was going to walk towards me. I heard a crackling sound and he disappeared leaving blue spots (like when you look into a camera flash when it goes off). As soon as he disappeared my son sat up and threw up, and I was able to move again. I immediately moved him into the living room and had him sleep in his playpen. I decided to use the upstairs bathroom after that.

The next night at the same time we were in the living room. My son was sleeping in his playpen and I was lying on my couch. I felt my body start to tingle. I looked towards my dining room and I saw the same shadow man standing in the archway between my living room and dining room. In a low, stern voice I said, "Get out of my house and leave my son alone. Don't ever come back!" He disappeared the same way he did the night before but the blue spots weren't quite as bright. Again as soon as he was gone my son sat up and threw up.

I did go to my doctor to get checked just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with me. I did have a thought of an aneurysm, or a seizure or even a stroke, but I was in perfect health. I've never seen him before or since. There was some tension going on in the house between my brother and me at the time. He was living there too, but had left for that weekend as well. I'm thinking all the negative energy and my son attracted him there.