Shadow Person - When my back was turned
Sent By: Pete
On: Feb 02/03/09 12:38 PM
To: The Official Shadow People Archives


I saw your website and felt I wanted to describe what happened to me last night (2nd Feb 2009). It was such a fleeting glimpse but nonetheless I know what I saw:

I was getting ready to go to bed at 10:00pm, my young children were all fast asleep and my wife had gone to the toilet. It had been snowing quite heavily and as we don’t seem to get much here in the UK any more I decided to look out of our patio doors to see if the snow was still falling. The patio doors look out into our small rear garden, to the side next doors house has a security light, which I knew would make any flakes clearly visible. In order to get a clear view I had to pull aside a thin, see through, lace curtain and I stepped very close to the large windows. In the corner of my eye I could see a reflection of our open plan dining room and lounge. The room is split by glass doors that can be slid together if required to cut the room in half. Through the glass panels I could see the sofa, the lamp, which was the reason I could see a reflection behind me and the other familiar features of my room. I was busy admiring the snow on my greenhouse when a movement in the reflection caught my eye. It was then I noticed a thin black or charcoal coloured figure moving very quickly. I knew instantly it was not my imagination, I had just enough time to notice its legs open and close as it moved thereby allowing a reflection of the room to appear between its legs at the point where its stride was widest. Initially I thought it had to have been my wife, but subsequently I found she had not left the toilet (I had gone to the door to ask if she had just been into the lounge). I knew there was something wrong I felt the figure had strange thin gangly proportions and was perhaps even wearing some kind of hat. Although I can’t be sure as no features were discernable, it was just a fast moving grey or black figure.

My speculation is that whatever it was thought I could not see behind me and it was getting away whilst my back was turned. But because of the lounge lamp I had a reflection of the room visible to me. The fact that I had stepped behind a lace veil to look out of the window added fuel to my speculation that this ‘thing’ perhaps thought I would have no chance of seeing it. Any onlooker in the room would have had a view of my back with my face within an inch of the patio glass looking out into the garden.

Although I have a very open mind I have never encountered anything like this before in my life. My main ‘fringe’ interest is ufology and ghosts or apparitions have never really been something I have studied. I am a military pilot in my forties and I decided to write this as a written record for my own piece of mind. I know what I saw, I do not drink, I was not overly tired and was just going about my business; had I not wanted to see the snow this episode may never have happened. Perhaps I saw this thing for only a second but it was enough for me to believe that it did not really fall into a ghost category but perhaps was something else. I always remember a quote by Arthur C Clark, who stated that any race of being advanced enough would simply appear to be magic to those who don’t know any better. Imagine taking a modern raptor fighter or the space shuttle back to the middle ages, or even an iphone, what would those people think? I am sure they would speculate they were seeing something unnatural, magical or the work of evil? The presence I saw did not give me any ill feeling. Having got into bed I almost got out again to search the house for a burglar. But the house had been secure all evening and I knew I would not find anything. In my heart I know that I have been privileged enough to catch a glimpse of something that very few have seen. I would be amazed if anything like this ever happens to me again.