From: Kirsty
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 10:17:03 PM
Subject: my Shadow people experience

It started when I was 14 years old so nearly 10 years ago now.

I lived in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. The house my parents got was creepy. I never believed in the paranormal until I lived there. People walking around when I was the only one home. Bedroom doors opening and slamming. And then the shadows.

A month into living at the house:

I was in bed having the best of dreams when I was suddenly getting pulled out of the dreams and back to reality, awaking in a way, that it felt like I was awake for hours. I needed to go to the toilet. (My house was large so going to the toilet involved me having to walk down a long hallway and through the lounge room, then the kitchen just to get to get to the bathroom.)

I walked down the hallway as usual and into the lounge room. In the corner near one of the exit doors stood a man in a hat, his back turned to me. Being so young and not knowing about any of this stuff, I just assumed it was my dad. So of course I spoke to it "Dad? what are you doing up? and what’s with the hat?"

He didn’t say anything back so I just carried on with going to the toilet like usual.

When I had to go back through the lounge room to the hallway, I felt uncomfortable like someone was staring at me. I looked back in the corner to where I saw my 'dad' and this time I knew he was facing me. To be honest, I was starting to get scared. Anywhere I moved, his head would move, so like a kid, I ran back into my bedroom to hide under my blankets.

A couple of days had passed and I hadn't seen him (I thought my mind was playing tricks on me) but then that’s when it started again.

I would be pulled out of my dream back to reality, to someone without a hat staring at me. I tried to just ignore it because of the feeling I felt. But I couldn’t get to sleep. it felt as though eyes were looking at me from so many angles. This would happen every couple of days.

One night I was doing the dishes. I would say it was about 7.00pm and I was staring out the kitchen window while washing dishes. All of a sudden, I saw something next to me in the reflection. But I couldn’t move. It was probably the scariest thing to happen. I fought to see what it was and hanging from the ceiling face to face with mine, was something with bright red eyes. It sounded like it was talking but I’ll never be too sure. A dish dropped out of my hands and onto the ground breaking it. You could hear my dad storming down the hallway shouting at me. And then it went away.

That night, I was very unsettled but I tried to get to sleep. The next morning it felt like I hadn’t had any sleep at all. I had to go to school so I was excited coming home because I just wanted sleep. I went to bed around 5.30pm.

As usual, having a great dream then all of a sudden I was getting pulled back to reality. By this point I knew the feeling too well and I was getting annoyed with it.

When I opened my eyes it was dark outside. I knew this time wasn’t like the last time. I awoke to see my whole room full of people. (I was so scared I actually pissed myself.) On the left half of the room, it looked like just normal men staring at me, on the right half… cloaked people. I had no idea what was going on and I was paralysed.

It looked like the cloaked people were talking to each other (and I know this is weird, but it looked like they had a book) the other men were walking around getting closer to the bed.

Then it was like someone said something and they were standing around my bed. staring. Then one of the shadow men came forward and onto my bed.

I remember the smell of burnt hair going up my nose and the burning sensation on my lips when it kissed me.

Literally after that night, I never saw them again which was great for me. Except for the hand print smaller than mine was found above my bed facing me.

My mum and my nan, both saw a shadow person when living in the house. My nan spoke to it, (she said) and my mum awoke to what it would be its breath in her face. She screamed and couldn’t sleep that night.

TBH (To be honest), I know they are still around. The feeling I got all those years ago are starting to come back.

I hope this information can help you because I’ve been trying to figure my own story out.